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Miami Vice - Agreement over music costs could not be reached

Posted by David Lambert
Following up on our news item from a week ago, we have further word from Michael Denzel from Universal Entertainment sent a note through that site's owner, Randolph Beekman, explaining about the reasons why Miami Vice DVDs will not be forthcoming. Here are the pertinent portions of that note:
    "We understand your want and need for the release of Miami Vice on DVD format. However, as we have been attempting to make this possible, it has become nearly impossible due to music clearance/royalties involved in satisfying the artists/musicians. This issue was a MAJOR contingency for the production of consumer DVD boxed sets from other popular shows as you may have noticed in your local retail stores right now. Although Miami Vice was very popular in the early to mid 1980s, there were MANY songs from various artists utilized in the production of the series as every one of you should know. Unfortunately, at this moment there are NO plans of releasing Miami Vice on DVD. We are very sorry...we have NO intention of releasing Miami Vice onto DVD at anytime in the near future."

While this is disappointing news, it clearly is not Universal's fault that the costs outside of their control prevent DVD sets from being produced at a price they expect consumers to pay. We must agree that there is no sense in releasing this series on DVD if it means consumers will have to fork over extraordinary amounts of money for it.

We appreciate that Universal took the time to explain this to the users at, and we don't mind passing the information along to fans of the show who aren't visitors of that website. Don't shoot us; we're just the messenger here. Please understand that Universal is not the bad guy here, either, so don't take it out on them. Mr. Denzel explains in his note about the "enormous amount of email that pours into (Universal's) servers and has caused MANY problems for us and MANY FALSE rumors that has created VERY hateful and negative feedback sent to Universal in retort." We at TVShowsOnDVD encourage anyone who wishes to address this matter to Universal please do so in a polite, positive manner - no matter what method you use to contact them.

However, it seems that further contact with Universal will not improve the situation: they are obviously well-aware of interest in the show being released. The cost factor is simply out of their hands. If you want to be informed of any changes to this situation, you can keep an eye on Mr. Denzel at Universal assures that site's membership that he will keep in touch: "My promise to you (The Fans); I (Michael Denzel) will personally inform Mr. Randolph Beekman of ANY possible developments in the next few years. I personally like this site and the way it has been created. I can promise that much to you PERSONALLY as long as I am able to with clearance for the public eye."

If we at TVShowsOnDVD become aware of a change, we will of course pass it along. In the meantime, please enjoy thousands of other great TV series available in your favorite home video format.

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