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McMillan and Wife - VEI Reveals Current USA and Canada DVD Plans for ALL Remaining Seasons

USA fans should look for their state-side copies of the 4th and 5th season in July

Posted by David Lambert
A month ago we filled you in on just SOME of the plans from VEI and their state-side distributor, First Look/Millennium, for USA releases of McMillan and Wife season sets. This was in addition to previous news for VEI's Canadian release of the show's third season, pictured at the bottom. Now we've got a LOT more to add to all of that!

Overnight has added a couple of listings for USA releases of the fourth and fifth seasons of this classic "NBC Murder Mystery" show, coming out this summer. We confirmed with VEI that these sets are indeed on the way to the States, via First Look/Millennium, and also informed us that they will arrive in stores on a different schedule than the same titles will in Canada.

Because of the way Amazon is structured, sometimes (USA) listings show up on (Canada) as "import" items, and vice versa. This has cause some confusion at times; for instance the big e-tailer showed the second season set available to their USA customers at in the past, when VEI had technically only released it for Canada. By the same token, the First Look/Millennium listings at for the fourth and fifth seasons are showing up as "import" titles on; this appears to be something Amazon is doing, rather than the studios involved. But customers can feel free to take advantage of whatever purchase listings either Amazon site will offer.

However, VEI has provided us with their current planned schedule for USA and Canadian releases of all remaining seasons of McMillan and Wife on DVD...right through the 6th and final season. Of course, any upcoming plan could be subject to possible change, but this is what's currently on the radar screen. For the sake of completeness, we've included Universal's original 2005 DVD release of Season 1 in the table below. We've provided links to purchase or pre-order each title, where Amazon has them available for the proper area. We don't have package art or other finalized details for all the upcoming sets, but stay tuned and we'll update you as soon as we can. Our thanks to our friends at VEI for all of their help!

DVD Title U.S.A. Date Canada Date
Season 1 Now Available Now Available
Season 2 June 7th Now Available
Season 3 June 7th Now Available
Season 4 July 5th June 7th
Season 5 July 5th Sept. 6th
Season 6 August 2nd TBA

McMillan and Wife - Season 3
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