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Masters of Horror - 13 Master-ful DVD Releases (But Not 13 Episodes) To Be A Pricey Proposition

Posted by David Lambert
IDT Entertainment produces the Showtime series Masters of Horror, a series of "1-hour movies" from some of the best-known directors of scary stuff. So it's no surprise that IDT-owned Anchor Bay is releasing the DVDs of this show. What might surprise you, though, is that they plan to release 1 hour-long episode/"movie" per DVD, at a cost of $16.98 SRP per release or 2-packs (and in one case, a 3-pack) for $29.98 SRP. Wow, with discounted street prices on the single-disc releases around $12-ish, for just an hour's worth of content (bonus material notwithstanding), this proves to be one of the priciest propositions in recent times for TV-DVDs!

But at least all 13 episodes will come out on the various DVDs, right? We know of 6 DVDs from the series that are coming, though they haven't been officially announced yet. Oh, and they're not in order...they just all over the place. Editorial aside: We usually love Anchor Bay's stuff most of the time, but we think they may want to reach for their flame-proof suits here, because fans of this series are apt to burn them up over this show's DVD release strategy!

Having said that, here is a list of the releases, their dates and prices, that we know about at this time:
  • March 28th
    • ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - John Carpenter: Cigarette Burns (Ep. # 8)
    • ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Stuart Gordon: Dreams in the Witch House (Ep. # 2)
    • ($29.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Carpenter/Gordon 2-pack
  • May 9th
    • ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Don Coscarelli: Incident On and Off A Mountain Road (Ep. # 1)
    • ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Mick Garris: Chocolate (Ep. # 5)
    • ($29.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Coscarelli/Garris 2-pack
  • June 27th
    • ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - John Landis: Deer Woman (Ep. # 7)
    • ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Lucky McKee: Sick Girl (Ep. # 11)
    • ($29.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Landis/McKee 2-pack
  • July 18th
    • ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Larry Cohen: Pick Me Up (Ep. # 9)
    • ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Joe Dante: Homecoming (Ep. # 6)
    • ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - John McNaughton: Haeckel's Tale (Ep. # 13)
    • ($29.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Cohen/Dante/McNaughton 3-pack

Commentary tracks will be found on the Masters of Horror - John Carpenter: Cigarette Burns DVD by story writers Scott Swan and Drew McWeeny. We don't know yet whether or not there's also a commentary track by director John Carpenter, which of course would be the commentary that viewers would actually be jonesing for.

We don't have info about any other extras just yet, either, nor is cover art available either. Stay tuned, though, and we'll have more for you just as soon as Anchor Bay provides it. Don't drop dead on us in the meantime...

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