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The Marvel Superheroes - Studio says Superheroes are off the schedule

Posted by David Lambert
Last Fall, in September, we posted a story about a listing at for 60's Superhero Collection. The release - from the 1966 show The Marvel Superheroes featuring the likes of Capt. America, The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and The Sub-Mariner - has never been formally announced by its studio, Buena Vista, for DVD release in spite of the advanced order listing at the giant e-tailer (*really* advanced: 9 months!). However, my friends at the studio did confirm to me last September that this set was indeed in the planning stages, and that Amazon's listing of a June 28th release sounded fairly accurate. But I was strongly cautioned at thetime that things could change...and they have.

In the news post last Fall, I passed one what I was told: that the title had been on the schedule, then been off, then back on again, and that it could still go off the schedule at any time. Yesterday I was informed by Buena Vista that this indeed has happened: the title is back off the schedule again. It is not yet known if this will come out at a future date or not. However, it looks like the change was made for stragtegic reasons.

As I pointed out in the old story, the release date had been scheduled for a June timeframe, when it could easily tie in to the July 1st theater debut of the new Fantastic Four motion picture starring Michael Chiklis, Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans, and Julian McMahon. Now it looks like Buena Vista is substituting the Marvel Superheroes box set with a Fantastic Four (1994 series) box set instead. You can read our separate news item for details about that item. Will the Marvel Superheroes make a return to the DVD release schedule, and escape their bonds? Only time will tell, but if The Venom Saga can make a comeback, then surely it bodes well for this release. Stay tuned...

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