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The Marvel Superheroes - Capt. America! Hulk! Thor! Iron Man! Sub-Mariner!

Posted by David Lambert
Sometimes in the DVD business a title gets announced, and then gets pulled for all sorts of reasons. Guys like Gord and yours truly have to know when to hold back on talking about something, because it's a truly iffy title and might never see the light of day.

Such was the case a few weeks back when I first got wind of a DVD called The 60's Superhero Collection from Buena Vista Home Entertainment. When I first heard about this, I understood it to be a mid-November follow-up to Spider-Man - The '67 Collection, featuring a number of Marvel Superheroes in cartoons made during the same era, by the same people. And, when I say "the same people," I am certainly including the immortal Ralph Bakshi in that group!

However, as I spoke to Buena Vista about the release, it was made clear that it would be unwise for me to post news about it right away, as the title had recently been pulled from the schedule. I was told simply to cross my fingers and hope it returned to the release list for sometime in 2005.

Well, it looks like my finger-crossing worked! now has The 60's Superheroes 5-DVD set up for pre-order already, even though they show a long-range release date nine months away: June 28, 2005. Yep, you read that right, and even though the title isn't officially announced by the studio yet (and won't be for a long time!), my friends at BV do tell me that the date looks correct so far as they can tell. They are quick to caution, though - and we'll definitely join them in this warning - that plans are always subject to change. Especially this far out!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Marvel Superheroes series, it was a 1966 item that came from Grantray-Lawrence Animation. It featured Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Mighty Thor, Iron Man, and The Sub-Mariner (better known these days as "Namor"). Each character had their own sub-series within the main show, and there were 13 episodes per character. That's 65 half-hour episodes in all, most of which have never been released to home video before (both Hulk and Iron Man had a handful of episodes released to VHS tape).

The date for the release of this DVD, June 28th, is very close to the planned 7/1/05 release of the new Fantastic Four movie (starring The Shield's Michael Chiklis [as Ben Grimm/The Thing], Dark Angel's Jessica Alba [as Sue Storm/The Invisible Girl], Horatio Hornblower's Ioan Gruffudd [as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic], Opposite Sex's Chris Evans [as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch], and Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon [as Dr. Doom]). It seems natural that this is the first of many DVDs which will come out at that time, as a tie-in to the launch of this major summer blockbuster film. TV-on-DVD fans might look for more DVDs of the various shows featuring the above-named stars as well.

Stay tuned, as there is a lot more to come in the nine months leading up to this time period! We'll keep you posted on anything else we learn along the way. Our thanks to reader Brent Seguine for his contributions to this story.

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The Marvel Superheroes

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