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Married... with Children - Want to hear the alternate theme song for Season 3 DVDs?

Posted by David Lambert
We've given extensive coverage - like our late November story - to the theme music change in the upcoming (January 25th) release of Married...with Children - The Complete 3rd Season. Review copies have started to come out, and we got a heads-up from our correspondent, Pavan Badal, about one review. Pavan also works with a number of other websites, including Pavan tells us that their review of the set is already posted, by a reviewer known only as "skees53."

Skees53 has included in the review some links to the new alternate theme music that Sony P.H.E. (formerly Columbia/TriStar) originated for the set, both the opening and closing theme versions. TVShowsOnDVD had been told that it would be an original instrumental piece, and this bears that out. It certainly reminds one of the "Love and Marriage" tune that Sony decided not to use because the rights-holders (not the Sinatra family, we're told) demanded too high a license fee.

In fact, according to Skees53's review, not only will it remind you of the original Married...with Children theme, it will also remind you of Mr. Ed as well. I certainly agree with that assessment, but it's not too bad. And if it brings the set onto the market for us fans, then we'll have to make due, it seems.

Don't forget that this coming Friday's (1/14) broadcast episode of ABC's 8 Simple Rules, starring Married...with Children alumn Katey Sagal as Cate, finds her writing off to her old college flame Matt. Matt shows up and says "let's run away together," and apparently she accepts. The real treat, though, is that Matt is played by none other than Ed O'Neill, who play Al Bundy for 11 seasons on Married...with Children to Katey's Peg Bundy. So an Al & Peggy reunion is happening this Friday night...don't miss it!

Back to the general subject of music changes, though, we would like to acknowledge the latest issue (week of Jan. 10) of trade magazine Video Business, which has several interesting things to say about the subject of music replacement on TV-DVDs in general. One of the best things I read in there was an editorial (registration required) from Editor Marcy Magiera, who had this warning for studios:
    Clearly, however, the studios have to manage this revenue stream as carefully as they do feature films or other genres. Fans want shows to be more, not less, than they were in the original broadcast and may change channels if they find their favorites lacking elements like key music.

Very well said! In my opinion, if anything threatens to derail the revenue train that the TV-on-DVD genre has become, it is alterations like music changes, edited-down episodes, exclusion of episodes outright (like the missing pilot episode from Twin Peaks - The 1st Season and the missing 4th episode from Profiler - Season 1), etc. Fans who are not satisfied with their purchases rarely tend to be repeat customers, and this situation is not sitting well with fans, on-line or off-line. Even if it takes a little longer, even if it costs a wee bit more, fans are becoming wary (and weary) of getting box sets called "The Complete #th Season" when in their minds it is not "complete" at all!

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