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Married... with Children - Kelly Who? BUNDY! 8th Season DVDs Are Comin' Down The Tracks

Al's All Tied Up For This March Release

Posted by David Lambert
    The dys-FUNction continues with the less-than-loveable Bundys! Peggy switches seats with Al at a basketball game, and ends up being chosen for the $10,000 free throw contest. Kelly and Bud buy a car to share, and then are forced to double date. Due to a hospital mix-up, Al is accidentally circumcised after he’s injured playing baseball. Al could get a brand new car as his old Dodge nears 999,999 miles, but can he hold out?
With the success of Christina Applegate's latest series, Samantha Who?, you knew that Sony wouldn't wait long to bring us Married... with Children - The Complete 8th Season on DVD! Join Kelly, Bud, Peggy and Al Bundy on March 18th, and their guests that include NBA stars Clyde Drexler, Vlade Divac and Xavier McDaniel, plus Jerry Springer (as himself), baseball legends Ernie Banks and Johnny Bench, NFL legend Joe Namath, the voice of Cheech Marin (as a change-of-pace voice for Buck the dog), Dom DeLuise (voicing another dog, Floyd), Gary Coleman, Danny Bonaduce, Julie Benz, Chi McBride, singer Stacy Ferguson ("Fergie"), the voice of Rick Dees, Waylon Jennings, and a brief background appearance by Nicholas Brendon. Amanda Bearse and Ted McGinley co-star as The D'Arcy's.

The 3-DVD set will contain all 26 episodes of the 8th season (there were 11 total), in original full-screen video and with English audio. There are no extras planned for this release, other than bonus previews of other Sony TV-DVD products. Running time is 592 minutes, and the cost is $39.95 SRP. Below we have a look at the cover art, but keep in mind that it's not finalized and is subject to change:

Married... with Children - The Complete 8th Season early cover art

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