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Mama's Family - A BIG Retailer Has Box Art, Word of 'Eunice,' for the New Season 1!

This isn't formally confirmed by StarVista/Time-Life yet, but Walmart says...

Posted by David Lambert
A few weeks ago we reported that a new release of Mama's Family - The Complete 1st Season is just one of 5 titles (that we know about so far!) being worked on for DVD this fall by StarVista Entertainment (formerly Time Life Entertainment). You'll also see Mama's Family - The Complete Collection (to be sold exclusively online via the studio's website) as well as releases of The Complete 2nd Season, The Best of Season 1 and The Best of Season 2. Those last three, like The Complete 1st Season, will be sold at general retail. We're still waiting on StarVista/Time-Life to provide us with the official press release(s), with details and package art for these items.

However, Walmart has already begun showing package art for Mama's Family - The Complete 1st Season from StarVista/Time-Life, and we've got a look at that for you below. They're also describing the contents of the set, including a bonus item that fans have been devoutly hoping for! Walmart's info says, "Includes all 13 original episodes as well as the original never-before-released made-for-TV movie 'Eunice' which launched 'Mama's Family'." This 1982 telefilm, starring Carol Burnett, is something our readers have been asking us about, and we hope that Walmart's info is correct, and that the item is indeed on this set (and presumably the Complete set, too!). Keep in mind, though, that we're still waiting on the official word from the studio, so we don't know if this artwork or these extras are finalized yet. Stay tuned! Our thanks to reader Ryan Pepper for the heads-up about this.

Mama's Family - The Complete 1st Season

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