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Make Room for Daddy - Make Room for Danny Thomas' Classic Series on DVD!

Posted by David Lambert
Make Room For Daddy started on ABC in 1953, starring the unforgettable Danny Thomas in the title role. In 1957, the name was officially changed to The Danny Thomas Show for first-run broadcast (even though these episodes were later syndicated under the Make Room For Daddy name, complete with a change to the opening credits). At the end of the 4th Season, Danny's character proposed to second wife Kathy, and the 5th-Season opener found them on their honeymoon. Their trip took them all the way to CBS, where the show remained for the rest of its 11 seasons. The series ended in 1965, but along the way it earned Emmy Awards for Best Comedy and Best Actor for star Danny Thomas. TV Guide recently ranked Thomas' character, harried entertainer Danny Williams, among the top five TV dads of all time.

The show was a more glamorous and honest departure from such suburban family shows as Father Knows Best and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," according to Thomas's son, Tony, himself an award-winning producer. "Television more more middle of the road then," he said, "(with fathers who were) very level-headed, pipe-smoking gentlemen. My father's character was an emotional crazy man who reacted in the moment like most fathers. He wore his emotions on his sleeve. He wasn't afraid to overreact, and then admit he made a mistake. He didn't always know best, but he wasn't the idiot father, either."

Questar now plans on a box set DVD release this September 28th. Their Make Room For Daddy collection contains all 33 episodes from the 5th season, when the series moved to CBS, and Marjorie Lord joined the cast as Danny's new wife, Kathy. As a special bonus, this set also includes the heartwarming final episode of the fourth season, in which Danny proposes to Kathy. With appearances by such legendary entertainers as Jack Benny, Dinah Shore, and Bob Hope, Make Room For Daddy's 5th season was one of the best in one of television's greatest comedies.

Among the bonus features is a true collector's item, the 7th-season episode "Danny Meets Andy Griffith," which aired in 1960 and was the forerunner to The Andy Griffith Show. In it, Danny is going through a small town called Mayberry and runs afoul of the local sheriff, Andy Taylor. The episode proved so popular that by the beginning of the next televsion season, Andy had his own series...and the rest was history! Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete 1st Season on October 12th, but Paramount has no rights to include the pilot episode along with their set. So Questar has done an admirable job of throwing in the Andy Griffith Show pilot with their Make Room For Daddy release, at no extra cost, and making it available a couple of weeks before the other show's DVD release.

Make Room For Daddy (a.k.a. The Danny Thomas Show) - The 5th Season will run you $29.99 at list price, but you can pre-order it right away from at 30% off! Cover art is still being designed, but the great folks at Questar have promised to provide to TVShowsOnDVD just as soon as its finalized. Stay tuned!

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