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MASK - MASK, Care Bears, Jayce, Rainbow Brite, Pole Position, Popples, & Hulk Hogan Among 20 Properties Returned to DiC From Jetix Europe & Disney

Posted by David Lambert
Many of our readers (thanks to all of you!) have written in to make sure we knew that DiC had issued a press release, which we have in full below. It outlines how DiC has re- acquired the rights to 20 properties that they are well known for, including several that have been long anticipated for DVD release. While many of these have had SOME form of disc issued (usually single-disc "best of" releases), many have seen none at all. Among the most-wanted of these titles is MASK.

Some of the titles in the list of properties, like Inspector Gadget and Heathcliff, are already released (or about to be) on DVD in North America by current DiC DVD distributor Shout! Factory. However, the reason they are included in DiC's press release is because the studio has now re-acquired *global* rights to those properties, and so DiC now controls them again in other geographic regions.

Other titles, like MASK and Popples, have been completely outside of DiC's control in all parts of the world, and are now back in in their control. Those latter titles are specifically *not* on the list of properties that Shout! Factory had licensed from DiC for home video release in their original partnership agreement with Shout!, and so would probably have to be negotiated separately.

On Friday we attempted to contact both DiC and Shout! Factory for comments about whether Shout! would be the odds-on favorite for releasing these programs on home video. We did not receive an immediate response, but if we do get one in the future, we'll be certain to update you. Stay tuned, and for now, check out the press release:



20 Television Series Returned to DIC for Television and Home Entertainment Distribution and Merchandising

Burbank, California – March 22, 2006 – DIC Entertainment (DIC) has re-acquired the rights to an extensive slate of animated children's properties from The Walt Disney Company and Jetix Europe for television, home entertainment and consumer products. The announcement was made today by Andy Heyward, Chairman and CEO, DIC Entertainment.

As part of the deal, DIC will now control various marketing and distribution rights for 750 half-hour episodes of globally recognized brands previously produced by DIC, including Care Bears, Inspector Gadget, Heathcliff, Dennis the Menace, The Littles, and more.

"We have one of the largest libraries of animation in the world consisting of some of the most popular children's properties ever, and we are thrilled to have these properties back in the DIC family," comments Heyward. "There is always a huge demand for classic children's programming, particularly in the home entertainment marketplace, and we look forward to offering our clients these series across multiple platforms."

The slate of top-programming, which will be offered at MIP-TV this year, includes, Inspector Gadget (86 half-hours), Beverly Hills Teens (65 half-hours), Care Bears (11 half-hours), Dennis the Menace (78 half-hours), Dennis the Menace specials (3 hours), Get Along Gang (13 half-hours), Heathcliff (86 half-hours), Hulk Hogan (26 half-hours), Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors (65 half-hours), Lady Lovelylocks (10 half-hours), The Littles (29 half-hours), MASK (75 half-hours), Photon (26 half-hours), Pole Position (13 half-hours), Poochie (1 hour), Popples (23 half-hours), Rainbow Brite (13 half-hours), Starcom (13 half-hours), Sylvanian Families (13 half-hours), The Littles Movies (6 hours) and Ulysses 31 (26 half-hours).

Brand highlights from the new programming include Care Bears, an evergreen property and one of the most popular children's brands across the world. Since re-launching four years ago, Care Bears has grown into a 1.8 billion dollar franchise and generated more than 600 million dollars n worldwide retail in 2005. Inspector Gadget, DIC's flagship property, is a hit franchise that includes a television series which has aired for over 20 years in key territories around the world.

Additionally, the property has been a major success with two blockbuster features--a star-studded, Disney live-action feature film that generated over $100 million at the box-office and a direct-to-DVD title which has sold nearly 3 million units to date. Based on the classic cartoon strip which still appears in over 1,000 newspapers globally, Heathcliff has been a best-selling children's book, a greeting card line and #1 best-selling comic book.

About DIC Entertainment:
DIC Entertainment, a fully-integrated global brand management company, is dedicated to creating, developing, producing, distributing, marketing and merchandising family-based intellectual properties. DIC has distinguished itself by building one of the largest libraries of western-style animation with approximately 2,800 half-hours of renowned programming, including Trollz, Inspector Gadget, Strawberry Shortcake, Sabrina, Madeline, Liberty's Kids, Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros and Care Bears. In 2003, the company launched the DIC Kid's Network, a unique syndicated programming block designed to meet core FCC requirements and the only network for kids that reaches effectively 98% of U.S. households on over 300 stations. As a pre-eminent supplier of kid's programming worldwide, DIC has developed strategic partnerships with key domestic and international broadcast partners throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Australia. DIC is headquartered in Burbank, California with international offices in Paris, London and Cologne.

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