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Lou Grant - STOP THE PRESSES! Possible Delay with 'The Complete 5th and Final Season' DVDs? ***UPDATED***

Shout! Factory's online store has removed the title's pre-order listing

Posted by David Lambert
A month ago yesterday we reported that Shout! Factory had scheduled a May 9th release date for Lou Grant - The Complete 5th and Final Season on DVD. That info came directly from Shout!'s online store, which we provided a button link to in our previous story.

Now, however, if you follow that link to the online Shout! studio store, it tells you, "Sorry, the page you requested was not found." So it looks like the listing has been removed. However, the pre-order listing for the title is still there, and still showing May 9th.

What's going on? We've reached out to a contact at Shout! Factory an inquired, but as of this writing we haven't gotten a response. In the meantime, our old friends at the Home Theater Forum might know something we don't. An HTF post made yesterday morning says, "Season 5 has been postponed. Shout has not decided on a new release date. They say it is a 'production delay,' so I hope it isn't any kind of serious issue with the licensing or the elements." No word on what the source of that information was, but it was posted publicly on a well-known website, so we think it's fair to share it with our readers.

Our thanks to one of those readers, Jackson Burnett, for tipping us off about this apparent change in Shout! Factory's plans for Lou Grant - The Complete 5th and Final Season. We'll follow up, as soon as we know anything more. For now, we'll keep the "May 9th" date on our own website's calendar (since Amazon is still showing that as the street date, and since we haven't gotten confirmation directly from the studio yet)...but keep in mind that it may not happen on that date. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Early this evening we have JUST received a response from our contact at Shout! Factory. It simply confirmed the situation is exactly as the post at Home Theater Forum described it: "This title has been postponed and we do not have a new release date at this time." No other information was included. If we find out anything further, we'll let you know!

Lou Grant - The Complete 5th and Final Season

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