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Lost - Will the 'Missing Pieces' Mobisodes be Included on Season 4? The Studio Says...

We've found out whether these 13 'canon' installments are part of the December 9th release

Posted by David Lambert
It's been six months(!) since Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment announced the December 9th release - on both DVD and high-definition Blu-ray Disc - of Lost - The Complete 4th Season: The Expanded Experience. In the press release from the original announcement, a nice list of bonus material was mentioned. And in May we followed up to mention that additional extras would be included: "The Lost Flashbacks" (flashback sequences that didn't air on the original TV broadcasts) and an "Oceanic Airlines Safety Guide."

However, neither report was able to confirm whether the 13 installments of "Lost: Missing Pieces" would be included in the North American release of the 4th Season Set. As a reminder, these are "mobisodes": short (1.5 to 3.5 minute-long) "webisodes" that were original distributed for viewing on a mobile phone (through Verizon), but they were later made available online (at as well. It has been said at various Lost fan sites that the foreign DVD releases, including the U.K. and in South America, were including the mobisodes. But for some reason the USA/Canadian information has not yet been clear on whether these are part of the sets!

Relax. We've confirmed with the studio today that these WILL indeed be found on the Region 1 release of Lost - The Complete 4th Season: The Expanded Experience. We've expected that would be the case (and we said so in our last report), but now it's good to have the official studio word to verify that info. We've had a LOT of fan questions during the past few months, asking us about this, but today is the first day we found out for sure.

Here's a list of the 13 mobisodes for Lost: Missing Pieces, including our own very brief descriptions of what the (short) story is in each installment. They're included to give readers an idea of how these fit into the overall series arc, and why they are considered "canon" (i.e., an official part of the series mythos). We've done our best to make the descriptions relatively spoiler-free, but if you would rather be completely surprised, then surf away now without reading any further!
  1. "The Watch"
    • Jack and Christian Shepard talk, just prior to Jack's wedding
  2. "The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt"
    • Hugo and Neil (Sean Whalen, Twister) discuss Libby
  3. "King of the Castle"
    • Jack and Ben play chess; Ben asks Jack to stay on the island
  4. "The Deal"
    • Juliet makes Michael an offer he can't refuse, regarding Walt
  5. "Operation: Sleeper"
    • Juliet confesses to Jack about Ben's instructions for her
  6. "Room 23"
    • Ben and Juliet discuss a certain young captive's "specialness"
  7. "Arzt & Crafts"
    • Dr. Arzt on the matter of whether to live at the beach or the caves
  8. "Buried Secrets"
    • Michael chases Vincent; interrupts Sun as she buries something
  9. "Tropical Depression"
    • Dr. Arzt explains to Michael why he had gone to Australia
  10. "Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack"
    • Jack Shepard and Ethan Rom meet for the very first time
  11. "Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Course"
    • Jin, tired of the handcuff remnant and more, mouths off in Korean
  12. "The Envelope"
    • Before the book club meeting, Juliet decides to share a secret
  13. "So It Begins"
    • Why was Vincent the first thing that Jack saw on the island?
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