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The Lone Gunmen - The Lone Box Art Scan Is Now In!

Posted by David Lambert
What's black and red-white-and-blue all over? Why, it's the packaging for The Lone Gunmen - The Complete Series DVD compilation! It was a little over a month ago that we exclusively posted the full list of contents according to our contacts at Fox Home Video, which we're told includes the pilot episode, the 12 episodes that followed before the show was cancelled, and the "epilogue" episode that ran on The X-Files shortly before that series closed down.

One of the few things we didn't have at the time was cover art, and late yesterday the studio finally made that available. Here it is:

News Graphic

I don't think I ever noticed just how much shorter Frohike was compared to Langly and Byers! (see body-length pics in logo near top). That's why I always liked him best; he's closer to my height! {wink}

In case you can't make it out, that text across the top reads, "From The Creative Minds Behind The X-Files"...just a bit of promotion for anyone who forgets that this is an X-Files spin-off. Quirky though it was in places, I really enjoyed this series and look forward to seeing it again. I hope you'll enjoy it as well; it ships on March 29th.

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