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The Little Rascals - Online-Exclusive 'MOD' Release of 5-DVD Our Gang Collection

Available starting tomorrow as part of Warner's 'Archive Collection' lineup

Posted by David Lambert
    Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Porky, Darla, Mickey, Waldo and Froggy have long been names to conjure with in the annals of screen comedy. They're fun-loving members of Our Gang, one of the most beloved bunches of movie kids ever. And with this fabulous 5-Disc Collection of 52 Theatrical Shorts, you've struck the mother lode of laughter from Hollywood's Golden Age.

    Popularized on television for generations following their run in theatres, these rib-tickling short subjects showcased an ensemble of groundbreakingly diverse youngsters, many of whom were skilled at song as well as slapstick. If you belong to the legions of this mischievous gang's fans, this compilation (covering the years 1938-1944) of mirthful memories and lasting laughter belongs in your home collection.
This past spring, we reported on Warner Home Video's effort to begin offering "MOD" (manufacture on demand) DVD titles, bringing a new outlet for vintage films from their library. At the time there were no TV-related announcements in the "" library, but now one has appeared on our radar thanks to a heads-up e-mail this weekend from one of our readers, William Bennett "Ben" Warfield.

The WB Archive's Our Gang Collection will be available exclusively via as part of that program, beginning tomorrow, September 1. The 5-disc set will cost $34.95 for 52 installments running 572 minutes, and includes the following "Our Gang" theatrical shorts, which later appears as part of the Little Rascals television series:
  • Disc 1 (1938 - 1939)
    • Little Ranger, The
    • Party Fever
    • Aladdin's Lantern
    • Men In Fright
    • Football Romeo
    • Practical Jokers
    • Alfalfa's Aunt
    • Tiny Troubles
    • Duel Personalities
    • Clown Princes
    • Cousin Wilbur

  • Disc 2 (1939 - 1940)
    • Joy Scouts
    • Dog Daze
    • Auto Antics
    • Captain Spanky's Showboat
    • Dad For A Day
    • Time Out For Lessons
    • Alfalfa's Double
    • Big Premiere, The
    • All About Hash
    • New Pupil, The
    • Bubbling Troubles

  • Disc 3 (1940 - 1941)
    • Good Bad Boys
    • Waldo's Last Stand
    • Goin' Fishin'
    • Kiddie Kure
    • Fightin' Fools
    • Baby Blues
    • Ye Olde Minstrels
    • 1-2-3 Go!
    • Robot Wrecks
    • Helping Hands
    • Come Back Miss Pipps

  • Disc 4 (1941 - 1943)
    • Wedding Worries
    • Melodies Old And New
    • Going To Press
    • Don't Lie
    • Surprised Parties
    • Doin' Their Bit
    • Rover's Big Chance
    • Mighty Lak A Goat
    • Unexpected Riches
    • Benjamin Franklin, Jr.
    • Family Troubles

  • Disc 5 (1943 - 1944)
    • Calling All Kids
    • Farm Hands
    • Election Daze
    • Little Miss Pinkerton
    • Three Smart Guys
    • Radio Bugs
    • Dancing Romeo
    • Tale Of A Dog
Video is in the original black-and-white full frame aspect ratio, and audio in English mono. We've got a small, slightly fuzzy look at the cover art:

Little Rascals - The WB Archive's Our Gang Collection
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