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Leave It to Beaver - Pricing, Amazon Pre-Orders for Shout!'s Season 3 and Complete Series Sets ***UPDATE: SEASON 3 COVER ART***

Long-awaited sets are coming out at long last, this June 15th!

Posted by David Lambert
A few weeks ago we had the scoop from our friends at Shout! Factory that they had picked up the rights to release both Leave It To Beaver - Season 3 AND Leave It To Beaver - The Complete Series on DVD. Both will be available on June 15th, and every episode on both collections will be completely restored and remastered from brand-new high-def transfers of the film. The Complete Series set will also be loaded with newly-produced bonus material, which is still being worked on and finalized.

One piece of information we didn't have at the time was pricing for these releases. This afternoon, though, put both titles up for pre-order, allowing fans to lock in their copies in advance. These entires boast the prices and running times for each title, the first time those info points have been available to us. Of course, Amazon is offering great discounts on each one, too!

The 6-disc Leave It To Beaver - Season 3 release will run 930 minutes long, and costs $44.99 SRP. The 37-disc Leave It To Beaver - The Complete Series package shows a running time of 5610 minutes, at a lower-than-we-expected cost of just $199.99 SRP! At the time of this writing, Amazon's discounted price (subject to change at their discretion, without notice) is just $139.99 for the six-season set...jeepers!

Package art isn't available yet, but stay tuned for that and other updates!

UPDATE: Amazon has now added cover art to their pre-order listing for Leave It To Beaver - Season 3 (but *not* to their listing for The Complete Series, at least as of this update's writing). Below is a look at that package front. Also, since we keep getting asked this: YES, it is Shout! Factory's intention to release Seasons 4, 5 and 6 separately in the months to come (note that the discs will have already been produced to use for the complete series as with similar releases from Shout! - such as Transformers, G.I. Joe and It's Garry Shandling's Show - it's just a matter of producing the smaller season-set boxes to enclose those discs in).

ADDITIONAL NOTE: We've been seeing discussion on the web, that the running times we quoted above (taken from Amazon's listings) are causing concerns, because the amounts given work out to roughly 24 minutes per episodes. Since Leave it to Beaver episodes should be a couple of minutes longer, a number of fans have taken this mean that these will be either cut or time-compressed episodes. However, most early running times given to retailers by the studio sales people are just general calculations ("guesstimates"), prior to actual production of the discs, possibly corrected later. In the case of the Beaver episodes, Shout! Factory DVD producer Brian Ward has posted at the studio's official message board that "most of the masters are timing in at somewhere between 25:50-25:56," which is the correct running time. Sounds, then, like there's no cause for concern here.

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Leave It To Beaver - Season 3

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