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Leave It to Beaver - Season 3 DVDs? A Complete Series Set? Where Did We Hear All That Jazz? From Shout!

6-DVD season set and 37-DVD entire-run package, restored/remastered, are both coming in mid-June!

Posted by David Lambert
In 2005, the home entertainment division of Universal Studios released Leave It to Beaver - The Complete 1st Season, and sales were good enough that they followed up in 2006 with The Complete 2nd Season set. However, sales weren't strong enough on the second release to keep things moving, and the studio decided to be a bit hard on the Beaver, shelving the show from further DVD sets. In the years since then, there have been plenty of rumors that Universal would either return to releasing the program on home video, or else license the property out to an independent studio to finish the show's run. In the rumors about licensing the show out, the company name which came up most often seemed to be Shout! Factory's.

Now those rumors have become a reality! Shout! Factory has given us the scoop that they are preparing a June 15th release of Leave It To Beaver - Season 3, a 6-DVD set with episodes that aired on ABC during 1959-1960. The 39 episodes which aired that season included guest appearances by Veronica Cartwright as "Violet Rutherford," a pre-Star Trek Majel Barrett, and a VERY young Ann Jillian (It's A Living) in her first-ever credited TV appearance. But Shout! Factory isn't stopping with the third season.

On the same day, Shout! is also releasing Leave It To Beaver - The Complete Series, a 37-disc box set featuring all 6 seasons of the show, in one package. This includes the already-released first and second seasons (which are not currently planned to be sold by Shout! individually, since they are already available on their own). In this complete set, the episodes from all six seasons will be completely restored and remastered from brand-new high-def transfers of the film. Also, we're told that production has begun to develop a wide range of bonus content for The Complete Series DVD box set, but details on what those extras will be is not available so far.

Nor do we have package art or pricing for you yet, as it's too early for that to be finalized. But Shout! did give us to okay to share with all of you fans that this is on the way at last, so start planning for this mid-year release. As Wally would say, "Oh fine!" Yes, that's just fine with us, too!

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