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Land of the Lost - The Original '70s Krofft Show Gets a DVD Re-Release with Regular & Limited Lunchbox Editions

No sign yet of a DVD release for the '91 version of the series, however

Posted by David Lambert
This Summer, movie audiences take a trip on June 5th with Marshall (Will Ferrell, Saturday Night Live), Will (Danny McBride, Pineapple Express) and Holly (Anna Friel, Pushing Daisies) as Universal Pictures releases a big-screen adaption of Land of the Lost. In 2005 and 2005, Rhino Home Video released the original 1974 Saturday-morning version of the show from Sid & Marty Krofft, first as three separate season sets, and then as a complete series package. They also had several single-disc episode collections on DVD as early as the year 2000. But now Rhino's license on the Krofft-produced shows has expired, and it looks like the property is apparently in the hands of...Universal Studios!

This morning Universal announced that May 26th is the street date for both Land of the Lost - The Complete Series (the exact same title Rhino used for their now-discontinued December 2005 release) and also for the Land of the Lost - The Complete Series: Limited Edition, which will come in "Retro Lunchbox Packaging." Each one is an 8-disc set in standard DVD format, costing $59.98 SRP for the regular release and $69.98 SRP for the premium version.

Video will be full frame, and audio and subtitles will be in English. Retailers haven't been provided with any further details so far. The out-of-print Rhino releases were also on eight discs, running 1080 minutes long. They had stereo sound, and were full of bonus material, notably commentary tracks and interviews with cast and crew, quiz games, easter eggs and even a "Pakuni Language Dictionary." There's no word yet whether any of these extras will make the leap to either of the Universal Studios releases, or whether any new supplements will be featured, either. Stay tuned for word about that, and for package art, just as soon as possible.

And for folks like me, who are fans not only of this original version, but also of the 1991 Land of the Lost TV series starring Timothy Bottoms and featuring the Porter Family (Tom, Kevin and Annie): nope. There's no word on a DVD release yet for that incarnation of the show. Those 26 episodes have never been released on DVD (only a handful of them ever made it to videocassette, in fact). We hope the Krofft Brothers and Universal realize that a tie-in release with the big-screen film, or with the home video release of that film, is the best possible time to get that series out on disc. If you're a fan of the '90s version of the show, don't forget to vote for it here at TVShowsOnDVD (free registration required), and demonstrate to the studio how much interest there is!

Stay tuned and we'll bring you updates about the TV versions of Land of the Lost on DVD, just as soon as the studio makes additional details available.

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