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Land of the Giants - Complete Series Press Release

Limited edition set comes out on July 24

Posted by Gord Lacey

LAND OF THE GIANTS Complete Series - Limited Edition

Irwin Allen's Oversized Masterpiece Comes To DVD July 24 In A Nine Disc Collection From Fox Home Entertainment

CENTURY CITY, Calif. - From the creative mind of science-fiction and television legend Irwin Allen ("Lost In Space," "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea") comes one of the most anticipated DVD releases of the year when LAND OF THE GIANTS Complete Series - Limited Edition conquers its way onto a nine-disc set July 24, 2007 from Fox Home Entertainment. The final piece of the Allen library to be released on DVD, LAND OF THE GIANTS gained a cult following in the late 1960s as it chronicled the adventures of The Spindrift, a commercial spaceship, and its passengers. On a sub-orbital flight from New York to London, the ship crash-lands on a remote planet similar to Earth, where the inhabitants and plant life are twelve times larger than the Spindrift's passengers. The heroes on board must do all they can to fight the totalitarian government that rules the planet and ultimately find a way to return home. Known for its outstanding special effects and overall popularity among Irwin fans, the nine-disc LAND OF THE GIANTS DVD collection features all 51 classic episodes that aired from 1968-1970, the unaired pilot, as well as bonus interviews with stars Gary Conway, Don Marshall, Stefan Arngrim, Don Matheson, Deanna Lund and producer Irwin Allen, a still gallery featuring merchandise from the show, publicity photos, episodic photos, a Deanna Lund gallery and the original parody from MAD Magazine. The collectible DVD set also includes a full- color booklet with cast interviews and photos, a collectible Spindrift keychain, iron-on crew patch, reproduction of the first comic book, and trading cards. All of this is packaged is a collectible wooden cage themed directly from the show. The LAND OF THE GIANTS Complete Series - Limited Edition will be available for the suggested retail price of $199.98 U.S./$349.98 Canada.

The Spindrift, a commercial spaceship, became lost when it passed through a strange cloud in the ship's orbit around Earth. It landed on an alternate Earth-type planet, where the inhabitants were roughly twelve times the size of the Spindrift's passengers. The crew battles the planet's totalitarian government, tries to avoid capture and attempts to repair the Spindrift so they can get back home.

DVD Special Features:
The LAND OF THE GIANTS: Complete Series - Limited Edition DVD collection is presented in color full screen format with English and Spanish mono as well as English and Spanish subtitles. The following episodes are specific to each disc:

    Disc 1 Side A:
  1. The Crash
  2. Ghost Town
  3. Framed
  4. Underground

    Disc 1 Side B:
  5. Terror-Go-Round
  6. The Flight Plan

    Disc 2 Side A:
  7. Manhunt
  8. The Trap
  9. The Creed
  10. Double-Cross

    Disc 2 Side B:
  11. The Weird World
  12. The Golden Cage

    Disc 3 Side A:
  13. The Lost Ones
  14. Brainwash
  15. The Bounty Hunter
  16. On A Clear Night You Can See Earth

    Disc 3 Side B:
  17. Deadly Lodestone
  18. Night of Thrombeldinbar

    Disc 4 Side A:
  19. Seven Little Indians
  20. Target: Earth
  21. Genius At Work
  22. Return of Inidu

    Disc 4 Side B:
  23. Rescue
  24. Sabotage

    Disc 5 Side A:
  25. Shell Game
  26. The Chase
  27. The Mechanical Man
  28. Six Hours To Live

    Disc 5 Side B:
  29. The Inside Rail
  30. Deadly Pawn

    Disc 6 Side A:
  31. The Unsuspected
  32. Giants and All That Jazz
  33. Collector's Item
  34. Every Dog Needs A Boy

    Disc 6 Side B:
  35. Chamber Of Fear
  36. Comeback

    Disc 7 Side A:
  37. The Clones
  38. A Place Called Earth
  39. Land of The Lost
  40. Home Sweet Home

    Disc 7 Side B:
  41. Our Man O'Reilly
  42. Nightmare

    Disc 8 Side A:
  43. Pay The Piper
  44. The Secret City Of Limbo
  45. Panic
  46. The Deadly Dart

    Disc 8 Side B:
  47. Doomsday
  48. A Small War

    Disc 9 Side A:
  49. The Marionettes
  50. Wild Journey
  51. Graveyard of Fools
    Unaired Pilot
Bonus material includes:
  • Gary Conway Interviews:
    • The Series' Lasting Effects
    • The Influence of Gulliver's Travels on the Show
    • Fight Scene in the Cage
    • Humerous Moments
    • A Couple Memorable Episodes
    • Memories of Irwin
  • Don Marshall Interviews:
    • Acting and the Actors on the Show
    • Memories of Kurt Kasznar
    • Memories of Cast Members and the Director
    • Popularity of the Show in England
    • Presentation Reel
    • Special Effects Shots (no audio)
  • Irwin Allen Home Videos (no audio):
    • Meeting
    • Irwing Directing Actors in Interior Sets
    • Irwing Directing Actors in Exterior Sets
    • Rope Climbing
    • Escape Through the Tunnel
    • Glass Prison
    • Escape from the Giant Hand
    • Irwin Directing Forest Scene
  • Stefan Arngrim Interviews:
    • Irwin's Direction
    • Dogs
    • The Mechanical Hand
    • Directors Harry Harris and Sobey Martin
    • The Popularity of the Show
    • The Tone of the Show
    • The Concept of the Show
    • The Second Season
    • The Stunts and Effects
    • The Ship's Name
  • Don Matheson Interviews:
    • Perparation for Irwin's Shows
    • What Attracted Him to the Show
    • Imagination
    • Climbing the Rope
    • The Dog
    • Saying the Dialogue
  • Deanna Lund Interviews:
    • Her Appreciation of the Show
    • Acting on the Show
    • How She Got on the Show
    • Ballet in a Bird Cage
    • Her Friendship with Don Matheson
    • The High Cost of the Show
    • Where Did the Story Take Place?
  • Still Galleries:
    • Merchandise
    • Mad Magazine Parody
    • Publicity Photos
    • Episodic Photos
    • Deanna Lund Gallery
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