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Koppel on Discovery - Ted Koppel's 4-part People's Republic of Capitalism Arc on DVD & Blu-ray

The Discovery Channel series debuts on Acorn Media's new Athena line

Posted by David Lambert
    The People's Republic of Capitalism, Ted Koppel's revealing, four-part look at U.S.-China economic ties; arrives on Blu-ray and standard DVD from Athena on June 2, 2009. A year in the making, legendary reporter Koppel probes U.S. and China's complicated relationship with his signature insight and flair. Bonus features include an EXCLUSIVE interview with Koppel, a 20-page viewer's guide, and exclusive extras that take the educational experience beyond the screen. Broadcast on the Discovery Channel, The People's Republic of Capitalism (2-volume, Blu-ray $49.99, standard DVD $39.99) is one of the first releases in the Athena line, Acorn Media Group's new home video brand for consumers interested in lifelong learning through documentary programming.

    In his in-depth documentary, Koppel examines China's new status as an economic superpower and its complex relationship with the United States. He focuses on Chongqing-a city in Sichuan Province with a burgeoning population and big plans for the future. While peasants in outlying areas eke out a meager living, the rising middle class revels in new riches, challenging traditional ideas about religion, sexuality, and consumerism. All this reverberates here in America, where companies scramble for cheap labor, workers find jobs shipped overseas, and shoppers snap up Chinese-made goods at big box retailers.

    Interviews with captains of industry and assembly line workers-as well as peasant farmers, miners, artists, and students-paint a detailed picture of modern China unlike anything most viewers have ever seen. Along the way, the documentary provides surprising perspectives on a country fast becoming America's greatest economic rival and biggest business partner. The People's Republic of Capitalism broadcast on the Discovery Channel in 2008 as part of the series Koppel on Discovery.
Acorn Media is introducing a new label, the Athena line of titles. Among the first releases is Koppel on Discovery - The People's Republic of Capitalism, arriving on both DVD ($39.99 SRP) and high definition Blu-ray Disc ($49.99 SRP) this June 2nd. Each two-disc set includes the 4 parts of this arc of episodes in the program (176 minutes), plus an Exclusive Interview with Ted Koppel, exclusive web extras, and a 20-page viewer's guide with highlights, questions to consider, avenues for further learning. English subtitles are also present. Here is the cover art for the DVD, and then the Blu-ray version:

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