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The King of Queens - Major box art change for Season 3

Posted by David Lambert
When we posted the cover artwork a month ago for The King of Queens - The Complete 3rd Season, it was a fun-looking shot of Doug pushing a "hand-truck" dolly with Carrie loaded up on it, and with Arthur - standing with Doug behind him - reaching over his shoulder to touch Doug's neck for some reason. This version of the cover art was widely seen in many places. Now, though, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has replaced that look for the package with a different shot entirely, this time with Carrie and Doug in extreme-closeups, and Arthur's head behind them like he's trying to squeeze into the picture:

News Graphic

We were given no reason for the change, but it's strangely similar to what happened with The Complete 2nd Season. Early on a marketing brochure included with a different TV-on-DVD release from the studio contained a "Coming Soon" blurb for season two, and the early cover art it showed used a very similar shot as the early art for the third season! It was Arthur reaching over his shoulder to touch Doug, with Carrie on the right, only this time seemingly without the hand-truck. But by the time the season two release got officially announced, the cover had changed to a simple three-shot of those characters.

We're not sure why the changes are happening. It seems like the early covers are just using stock art to temporarily fill the "box art" space until the final packaging gets approved. We'll keep an eye on this going forward, and try to make sure you know exactly what box to look for on the store shelves when your DVDs come out on Feb. 22nd. Our thanks to the reader who e-mailed us about the change, who only signed the name as "Glenda," and who noticed the different artwork at

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