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Kim Possible - More Kim on DVD On-The-Way? It's Possible!

Posted by David Lambert
Disney investors have gotten their new quarterly newsletter (which you can view here; page 23) that includes a schedule of DVD releases from Disney's home video subsidiary, Buena Vista. Our thanks to reader "Peter S." for sending us the link to this the other day (why did we wait?...more on that in a moment). The schedule mostly contains items from the past (back into 2005!) but at the end it contains a handful of items from the Spring and Summer of listings in a few cases which we haven't seen dates for yet.

Some of them we HAVE seen dates for, though, and one in particular gives us pause. Scrubs - The Complete 3rd Season has been announced for a May 9th release date by the studio, but the schedule shown on this investor newsletter says "May 16th." This demonstrates why we can't out-and-out believe this list completely. In fact, we here at TVShowsOnDVD were planning to hold off on posting this info until we could check in with the studio and verify the dates. However, we've learned this morning that another website has already posted about this, and quite frankly we didn't want to get slammed with e-mails saying "they have this info, why don't you?" So we're posting it, with caution, and we'll update you if we hear differently on these dates.

One of the titles you'll see on this newsletter's schedule is for Kim Possible. That's all it says, and that's very vague as to whether this is a normal single-disc or something more. We know most of you will be hoping that this means its a nice box set release that is on the way, similar to the one that Lizzie McGuire had over a year ago. We hope so, too, but that's not always Disney's style, so we won't count on it until the studio says so for sure.

But what's even more of a question mark with this listing on the newsletter is that it says the release date is May 9th. However, Disney/Buena Vista has already announced other releases for May, including a pair of TV-DVDs on the 9th: the aforementioned Scrubs and the fifth season of Golden Girls. So it seems unlikely that the studio is planning on a new Kim Possible release on that day, or else it would have been formally announced by now. It's probably, though, that the date in the newsletter is simply an old date, and that this release - whatever it turns out to be - has probably been pushed back until later on. We'll try to get more info about it for you, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a look at the newsletter sheet with the schedule (Kim Possible is highlighted in a solid red oval).

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