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Kids Incorporated - Stacy Ferguson (a.k.a. 'Fergie' of 'The Black Eyed Peas') says DVDs Coming!

Posted by David Lambert
Before she was "Fergie" of the hot band The Black Eyed Peas, she was Stacy Ferguson of Kids, Incorporated. The 1984 series ran 9 seasons, as teenagers danced and sang their way through life and the problems and angst that all kids face. Fergie, naturally, played the character of "Stacy," who was there when the show started and lasted until 1989 (about half the show's run). Prior to that, she did voice-over work that included the voices of Sally Brown (for 2 years) and Lucy Van Pelt (for 1 year) in various Peanuts cartoons. Later, after Kids, Incorporated, she was with the band "Wild Orchid," and all the members of that group co-hosted a 1999 amateur music show called Great Pretenders. In 2003 the native Californian joined The Black Eyed Peas, who have just released a new album and are touring around the world in support of it.

One of the stops the Peas have made is in London, where they visited Richard Bacon's Go Home Show on 95.8 Capital FM. One of our readers, Geoff Mitchell, spotted a clip of the Black Eyed Peas interview at 95.8 FM's website, and tipped us off to it. In the 15-minute long clip of the interview, host Richard Bacon is takling to Fergie about 4 minutes in about her voiceover work on Peanuts, and asks her for more fun facts about her background. One of the things Fergie says is this:
    I did a TV series called Kids, Incorporated, which is coming out on DVD you'll get to see all of my bad outfits re-lived!

That's it, short and sweet: one of the stars of Kids, Incorporated says that the series is coming to DVD. Of course, we don't know from that if the release is planned for North America, or for somewhere else in the world. We'll keep an eye out for the answer to that, though, and if we get any updates we'll certainly let you know! Thanks to Geoff for the heads-up about this. Stay tuned!

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