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Justice League - We Heard It Through The Grapevine: Justice League Heading For Multi-DVD Packages!

Posted by David Lambert
    Does anyone know if Warner are planning Justice League and Batman Beyond sets? - "Neil_Duffy," 6/21/05 Home Theater Forum

    Is there any chance of WB getting out the JL or even Batman Beyon(d) box set? - "keroven," 6/20/05 Forums

    Where is the Season 1 box sets that we crave? Yes I bought this (Batman Beyond) disk but I would prefer to b(u)y the season. - "Scott A. Misko," 1/31/05

    Sooo, whats it gonna take for them to start releasing JLU in season sets?? - "DerekPowers," 9/13/05, Forums

    Does anyone know if Justice League and Justice League Unlimited will be released in season sets so that you don't have to hunt down each release? - "mlemmond," 11/9/05 Forums

Yes, we've seen people all over the internet - these are just a handful of samples from within the past year - asking for Season Set releases of Justice League (a.k.a. Justice League Unlimited) and Batman Beyond. Fans have been buying the single-DVD releases of each show (there have been 8 for JL/JLU and 3 for BB...four if you include the Return of the Joker special). However, what everyone has been pining for are season sets or volume sets, similar to releases of Batman: The Animated Series and Superfriends.

It seems that the long wait may be over, and that the heroic patience of fans may be rewarded at last. Industry sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, have passed rumors on to us that Warner Home Video has begun projects to create multi-disc ("Season 1" or "Volume 1") in-order packages of each of these beloved animated series. But don't expect them right away! If things go well, we'll see them around the middle of the year.

As we said, this is a "rumor mill" post only, and is to be taken with a grain of salt. We will be keeping a sharp eye on these titles, and will post news immediately if we get anything more concrete. Please stand by!

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