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Justice League - Crisis on Two Earths Announced for DVD and Blu-ray: Details, Extras, Box Art

Available in three different configurations on February 23rd

Posted by David Lambert
    In a parallel Earth ruled by the Crime Syndicate, the Justice League must fight their evil doppelgangers in a battle that would be dead even, except that their malicious counterparts are willing to do the one thing Batman and Superman never would: kill.
In another of their direct-to-video "DC Universe Original Animated Movie" efforts, Warner Home Video today announced the DVD and Blu-ray Disc format release of Justice League - Crisis on Two Earths. This title, available on February 23rd, is only (very) loosely connected with the television series, but mainly boasts that Bruce Timm is executive producing this new feature. The story is based on some of the best comic book team-ups in the history of the original DC multiverse: the annual "Crisis" event which usually brought together the Justice League of Earth-1 and the Justice Society of Earth-2. The second such annual event, "Crisis on Earth-Three!" (Justice League of America #29; Aug. 1964) introduced the "Crime Syndicate of America" on a version of our world with only one super-hero (Alexander Luthor) against a team of super-villians (the story was concluded in the next issue, "The Most Dangerous Earth of All!" (Justice League of America #30; Sept. 1964). A lot of things have happened in the DC Universe of comic books since then, but now it seems that we're getting back to the basic story with this new direct-to-video effort.

As with previous DC Universe Original Animated Movie releases, there will be three versions of Justice League - Crisis on Two Earths: a 1-DVD bare-bones release ($19.98 SRP) with just the 72-minute feature, a 2-DVD Special Edition set ($24.98 SRP), and Blu-ray Disc format Special Edition release ($29.98 SRP), all coming out on the same date. The Special Edition releases each contain the following bonua material: a new animated short featuring The Spectre, a Featurette titled "The New World" (with the Blu-ray version being an extended version of that featurette), Bonus Episodes of Justice League Unlimited ("A Better World" Parts 1 & 2, and "Twilight" Parts 1 & 2), a Sneak Peek at the next DC universe animated movie, and a Digital Copy of the feature. In addition, Warner's information shows the Blu-ray Disc version will also include the pilot episode of the classic 1976 Wonder Woman (previously available on the first season set), along with the "never before released" pilot episode of the live-action Aquaman series (which we assume refers to the not-picked-up 2006 pilot for the show also known as Mercy Reef, starring Justin Hartley of Smallville, which actually WAS put on DVD a few years ago, but exclusively at Best Buy as a pack-in with Smallville - Season 5).

Video for Justice League - Crisis on Two Earths will be anamorphic widescreen format, and audio is in English - Dolby Surround 5.1, with subtitles in English and French. An online trailer is available to anyone who would like to see a preview. Here's an early look at the packaging for both DVD and Blu-ray versions of this title:

Justice League - Crisis on Two Earths

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