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The Joy of Painting - Bob Ross's 'Happy Little Trees' Come to DVD

Posted by David Lambert
How many of you remember Bob Ross and his program, The Joy of Painting? The series ran on PBS from 1983 until Ross passed away in 1995 - on the 4th of July, no less - due to cancer. Up until that sad day, he made millions of us very, very happy. He taught us how to paint, you see, with over a decade of easy-going, soft-voiced instructions that you could follow along with at home. Ross taught us how to make our own private masterpieces, even if you had barely picked up a paintbrush before. He talked about his landscapes with such enthusiasm, describing "happy little trees" and "happy little clouds" and made it all seem so easy...and it was. One of the most memorable things he ever said was, "There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents" (and then he would show you how to turn that accident into a wonderful piece of the artwork being painted). His sweet smile and trademark bushy hairdo made him instantly recognizable around the world:

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How cool would it be to have segments of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting on DVD? Well, you can, and they are for sale at in a series of releases. There are 31 releases in all, but the first 17 are only available on VHS at this time. Volumes 18-31 are available on DVD, though, and each one has 13 half-hour shows on them, and are accompanied by a free book. Each volume sells for $55.95 and can be ordered directly by clicking here.

Also available is a 3-hour "workshop" DVD that sells for $39.95, and is just an instructional video featuring Bob Ross covering all the basics in great detail: skies, mountains, trees, water, final details and much more. Then he helps you assemble the various components into a beautiful finished painting, while explaining the "happy accidents" you are likely to encounter and how to correct them. It's playable all regions, uses NTSC video format, has bonus footage ("Meet Bob Ross"), and is multi-language: English, Spanish, German, Dutch (subtitling). You can order it from the link above, or read more at the news page. Here's a look at that package:

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We owe our thanks to Richard K. Madden for writing in to tell us about this. It's taken a while for us to catch up to all of our news tips and get this info posted, but we're sure glad we were able to pass it on. It's a great show, and Bob Ross was a great host and teacher. A remarkable man. We miss our happy little painter, and it sure will be nice to have some of these shows on DVD.

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