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Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht - Seasons 1 & 2 Coming to Retail for Lower Price

Cheaper price, same content

Posted by Gord Lacey
    When the Gosselins dreamed of having a family, nonstop chaos wasn't exactly what they envisioned. But the arrival of a set of twins and a set of sextuplets within five years has added up to Jon & Kate plus 8. And their dream family has turned into a mind-boggling juggling act. Seasons 1 and 2 take you into the lives of this unusual and amazing family as they experience the havoc, the challenges and the joys of raising multiples. Sometimes it’s a comedy, sometimes it's a drama, but it's always an adventure!
While the Jon & Kate Plus 8 set has already been released at the Discovery Store, Genius has announced plans to bring the set to retail, and at a much lower price. Discovery Store is currently selling the DVD set featuring all 18 episodes from seasons 1 and 2 for $29.99, discounted from the regular price of $34.95, but the Genius set, which contains the same content, will carry a suggested retail price of $19.99 when it's released on September 9. is already preselling the set for $14.99, HALF the price of the set on the Discovery Store! The full screen release runs 400 mins and includes the following episodes:
  1. 10 Little Pumpkins
  2. Twins Turn 6
  3. Gosselins Go West
  4. Shopping for Ten
  5. Garage Makeover
  6. Housekeeping Hunt
  7. Pancakes and Potties
  8. Jon Turns 30
  9. Sextuplets Turn 3!
  10. Breakfast in Bed
  11. Gosselins Go Dutch
  12. Sextuplets' First Dentist Visit
  13. Red, White & Gosselin
  14. Sugar Rush
  15. A Cow Purchase
  16. Sara Snow Visits!
  17. Babies & Bedrooms, Part 1
  18. Babies & Bedrooms, Part 2
Jon & Kate Plus 8 Seasons 1 and 2 DVD artwork
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