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Joey - Season 2 Date Gets Re-Adjusted; Amazon's Canadian Branch Taking Preorders

First Mid-May, then Mid-April...Now The Release Date is In Between Those!

Posted by David Lambert
As longtime fans of Friends will know, Joey Tribbiani likes to play foosball. And like a ball in that game, Warner - Canada's release date for Joey - The Complete 2nd Season is going back and forth. First the title was announced as coming on May 13th, then it was "corrected" to April 15th. Apparently the truth lies somewhere in the middle, as we've received a new notice just last night saying the title was now being rescheduled to arrive on April 29th.

Of course, it's possible that the title's street date could move again, but we join you in hoping that they've gotten it locked in this time.

In the meantime, Amazon's Canadian branch has now set up a pre-order listing for this title, which you will recall is only being released north of the border (Warner Home Video's USA branch has decided at this time to hold off on a domestic release). The good news for those of us who live in the States is that anyone with an account at (the USA branch) can place an order at (the Canadian branch) and it will go through just fine. The mailing address on your account will be used as-is via Canadian Post (please wait 1-3 weeks longer than normal, as this has to go through customs), and the credit card on your account (Master Card, Visa or American Express only) will be charged against whatever the Canadian dollar cost is at the time, automatically converted by the charge card to US dollars according to whatever the exchange rate is on that day.

As of this writing, the pre-order cost at is CA$39.19, and today only that exchanges out to US$39.13. That's almost even, isn't it? And the discs should almost certainly work on any standard DVD player bought in the USA, whether it is a dedicated player, a computer drive, a videogame system, or whatever. It's all "Region 1" in both the USA and Canada, so there should be no problem (except as you could possibly have with any disc purchase). I've just pre-purchased my copy! Note that currently shows the previous 4/15 ship date, but we're sure they'll correct that to 4/29 shortly.

Stay tuned for box art, just as soon as we can get it for you.

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