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The Jetsons - The Rumors Were True: WHV Announces DVD Set with 2nd-Season Episodes

3-disc set with 21 cartoons is coming in the first week of June

Posted by David Lambert
This past October we passed along word that Warner Home Video was preparing a DVD release with the 1985 "second season" episodes of The Jetsons, the revival series which introduced the family's second pet, "Orbitty." This morning the studio finally made it official, with their announcement for the June 2nd release of The Jetsons - Season 2, Volume 1

Look for a 3-disc set running 462 minutes for 21 cartoons, plus a bonus Featurette that includes interviews with folks such as animation expert Mark Evanier. Video will be full screen, audio in English - Stereo, and subtitles are in French and Portuguese. Cost is $34.98 SRP. Package art isn't available yet, but here's a list of the included episodes:
  1. Elroy Meets Orbitty
  2. Rosie Come Home
  3. Solar Snoops
  4. Judy's Birthday Surprise
  5. SuperGeorge
  6. Family Fallout
  7. S.M.A.S.H.
  8. The Mirrormorph
  9. Mother's Day for Rosie
  10. Jetson's Millions
  11. Fugitive Fleas
  12. Rip-Off Rosie
  13. Far-Out Father
  14. Astro's Big Moment
  15. The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane
  16. Fantasy Planet
  17. S'no Relative
  18. Instant Replay
  19. Haunted Halloween
  20. Future Tense
  21. The Wrong Stuff
And yeah, we don't cover theatrical films here at TVShowsOnDVD. But for those of you who haven't heard, I guess we can go ahead and mention that a while back, Universal announced that they're putting out the 1989 box office release The Jetsons: The Movie on April 28th. Fans of the show may want to add this to their collection, as it is dedicated to the memories of George O'Hanlon ("George Jetson") and Mel Blanc ("Mr. Spacely"); this was the final film role that each of those great talents put their voices to. "Judy Jetson" was voiced in the movie by pop star Tiffany, reportedly replacing - per studio decision - the tracks that had been recorded by original series voice actress Janet Waldo (and also contributing three songs to the film).

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