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Jake 2.0 - Promo Disc Arrives!

Posted by David Lambert
A couple of weeks back we had this report for you about the Jake 2.0 promo discs:
    With the news reported in last Friday's Variety that Jake 2.0 has been cancelled, we've been receiving many, many emails for people asking whether the Jake 2.0 promo DVD offered back in November will still be sent out. Unfortunately we have no additional information about this promo offer, and have no one to contact about it. Like everyone else, we'll just have to sit back and wait. If anyone does receive a promo disc with the two episodes, please email us and we'll let everyone know.

Well, I still haven't received my personal copy of the promo disc yet. However, Matt Naglieri - who's not just a habitual TVShowsOnDVD reader, but also regularly discusses TV-on-DVD product with Gord and myself over at the Home Theater Forum - sends us the very first word that he's just gotten his:
    I finally recieved my free offer for the Jake 2.0 DVD.

    The disc contains 2 episodes: "Pilot" & The Spy Who Really Liked Me"; both are presented in 1:33 aspect ratio. The disc also contains previews for
    America's Top Model & an animated show called Game Over. The disc itself was packaged in a red cardboard sleeve with the UPN logo on it.

Thanks, Matt, for the details...we appreciate you coming through for us! How ironic that the previews on the disc are for the shows that replaced the now-cancelled Jake 2.0. Or...probably not ironic at all. UPN probably figured that there is very little value in sending out a disc to promote a cancelled show, except to keep their promise regarding the disc. While doing that, though, why not push the new series? After all, they want good rating on those! Game Over - while not the same kind of appeal as Jake 2.0, definately could be neat to watch. That premieres in March, by the way. is a great place to visit for a reminder of the events of either the Pilot (a.k.a. "The Tech") or "The Spy Who Really Liked Me". For that matter, if you're interested in more info about the new replacement series being promo'd on that DVD, TVTome can tell you about Game Over or America's (Next) Top Model.

Here's to hoping that each of you who participated in the Jake 2.0 survey get your copies of the promo DVD shortly. I'll be looking forward to mine. In the meantime, we still don't have anything good to tell you about a box set release of the entire series. At the time the show was cancelled, Paramount definately didn't have it on their slate just then. Surely it was too soon, though, and that probably doesn't mean anything long-term. Fan interest is what will drive such a release, so politely let them know (and vote for the show here at TVShowsOnDVD). If something develops, we'll be sure to pass it on to our stay tuned!

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