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The Invisible Man - It'll Take a Bit Longer to See the '75 David McCallum Series on DVD, Blu-ray

The standard and high-def versions are both delayed from this month to early next year

Posted by David Lambert
A month ago we showed off the finalized DVD package art from Visual Entertainment Inc. (VEI) for The Invisible Man - The Complete Series (the 1975 series starring David McCallum, and co-created by Stephen Bochco and Harve Bennett). The street date for both the DVD and Blu-ray Disc versions of this title, repeated in that story, was October 25th...just a couple of weeks away. Unfortunately the studio has found it necessary to reschedule this title, and several other of their upcoming TV-DVD titles (please see the separate stories, also posted today). The new availability date for this particular one, in both formats, will be February 21, 2012. VEI informs us that the reason for these date changes was to provide more time on the projects to result in the best quality possible, as well as to schedule the release in the early part of the new year when your local retail stores will be more willing to stock the title (because there aren't so many other TV-DVD releases all hitting the shelves at the same time). Expect retailer pre-order listings to be updated soon to reflect the changes. But VEI was able to provide us with a new look at the package art for the Blu-ray Disc version of this title, which you can see immediately below. VEI has also told us that they intend to place "rather interesting tidbits of trivia on both the inside and outside of the DVD case"; they are referring to this bit as "useless trivia" and at the bottom you can see one sample of it from The Invisible Man box. Neat!

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The Invisible Man - The Complete Series
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The Invisible Man - The Complete Series
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The Invisible Man - The Complete Series
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