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The Invaders - Studio Revises Package Art for 1st Season DVDs

If you think you've seen this version before, then you probably have!

Posted by David Lambert
Two months ago CBS/Paramount announced the May 6th release of The Invaders - The 1st Season, the classic Sci-Fi series starring Roy Thinnes as "David Vincent." Immediately we began getting feedback from the fans, who are unmistakably grateful for the set getting scheduled, but also with concerns. Those concerns were primarily about three areas, and we'll cover all three below.

First off, fans were concerned about the making sure that the episodes be sourced from original broadcast elements, and to "not be edited, PAL sped-up or sped-up-for-syndication sourced" to quote one such worry. That included making sure that the first episode, "Beachhead," would be in the original 75-minute length, instead of the edited-for-syndication version that appeared on the U.K. set (which has been out a while).

We've made sure that these concerns were heard by the studio, but we haven't received any firm word yet on what fans ought to expect. However, we have seen where CBS DVD is recently (as in "earlier this week") reaching out to fans to see if anyone has the uncut, 75-minute version of "Beachhead." If you know where to find those elements, then please click that link! Otherwise, it sounds like we might be out of luck on this part of it, folks. Our thanks to Joe Corey for his HTF (Home Theater Forum) post about the search.

Another concern was whether extras would be included with this release. Roy Thinnes is still with us, and fans would love to hear from him on these releases (interviews, commentary tracks, etc.). Again, this is an area in which we have not heard back from the studio yet. Hopefully we'll know something soon, either way.

Finally, fans were wondering if the cover art would be a step up from the box art in the U.K. release, which we heard LOTS of bad opinions about. So, when CBS/Paramount revealed the North American box art in early February, we saw that it was noticeably different in certain ways, and wondered what the reaction would be. Honestly, I didn't have high hopes...and that turned out to be correct. People truly shot it down, posting their on-line opinions at the Home Theater Forum and elsewhere. One poster, "Harry N.," quickly commented on it thus: "Is it too late to ask Paramount to change this? David Vincent being chased by a giant sombrero in a devasted city."

This morning the studio granted that wish, and revealed the changed box art for this 1st Season package. However, this might be a case of "be careful what you wish for; you might just get it." The new art, seen below, keeps the large-font text from the earlier Region 1 package art, but replaces the key art underneath it with the same key art seen on the Region 2 (U.K.) cover. A "flat" version of this was posted at Amazon overnight, but we've got a high-resolution 3-D look at the revised packaging:

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The Invaders - The 1st Season revised box art

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