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Invader Zim - Box set's Extras Disc to contain UNCUT Christmas Episode!

Posted by David Lambert
Back in October '04 we reported (near the bottom) that the Invader Zim - Volume 3: Horrible Holiday Cheer did NOT have the uncut version of the Christmas Episode, "The Most Horrible Christmas Ever"...despite a mention on the back of the release's box that it did. The folks at Media Blasters wanted to make it right with the fans, though, and started exploring various ways to do that. One thought was to put the uncut episode onto a separate 3" Mini-DVD, and they worked with a fansite to set up a poll asking for feedback about that idea.

We reported on the poll in a November news story, and fans who voted there overwhelming said they would buy such a disc. However, fan feedback in other forums (including e-mails sent here to TVShowsOnDVD) suggested a better course of action: that the studio should simply include the uncut Christmas episode in the "extras" disc being planned for release in January to accompany the "Zim house" box set. We never officially heard whether or not that was taken up as the plan or not, but by Christmas Eve 2004 we were posting news that the Invader Zim "House with Toy & Bonus Disc" releases were delayed from the first part of January all the way to April 12th.

We had our suspicions at that time, but in the past week we've gotten e-mails from readers (Dominick Roman and Raymond Delgadillo among the first of them) who report that many online retailers are showing a new list of bonus features for that release. Among them are the Uncut Christmas Episode. They are almost word-for-word identical, right down to the incorrect spelling of robot "GIR" as "Grrr" (must have been typed up by someone unfamiliar with the show!). Here's the list, with a corrected spelling:
  • Contains a GIR figurine
  • Extras Disc, with approximately 200 minutes of extras, including:
    • 70 minutes of the best of soundtracks from the series, as selected by the composer
    • Interview with Kevin Manthei, the composer
    • Making of the audio (shows how music is added to the video)
    • 8 unfinished episodes (music and voiceover)
    • The uncut version of the Christmas Episode

I simply can't wait! I'm so excited, I'm going to sing the "Doom Song" now. Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom....

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