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Invader Zim - Final Pic of 'Zim House' Box & Its GIR Toy, Plus Eps Included On Zim Mini-DVDs

Posted by David Lambert
A bit over a month ago we brought you pictures of the prototype box of the Invader Zim "House" box that would be used to store the Zim DVDs, the bonus disc, and the special GIR toy that Palisades Toys was making exclusively for the set. We didn't have a pic of the GIR toy itself, but we showed you a similar toy made exclusively for sale at the Hot Topic retail chain of hip clothes and cool stuff.

Now we've gotten a pic of the final version of the Zim "House" box, courtesy of, and a pic of the actual GIR toy that will be included with it, courtesy of the message board at Palisade's site. We've composited these together into one shot, along with a Zim logo, so you can imagine how these will go together (we hope we got the proportions pretty close!). Take a look:

News Graphic

Don't forget that these will be available on January 11th, and that if you already have the separately released Zim two-disc sets (there were 3 sets), then you can simply get the "House box with bonus disc by itself for just $29.95 SRP.

Available just a couple of weeks after that are a pair of 3" Mini-DVDs featuring Invader Zim, and now we know which stories will be included on each. On January 25th you can get Invader Zim - Mini-DVD #1: The Nightmare Begins, featuring the first aired episode of the series (which was double the length of the routine Zim stories). Also available on that same date is Invader Zim - Mini-DVD #2: Bestest Friend/NanoZim, featuring a story of Zim's efforts to make a friend at Skool to fit in better amongst the humans, and Zim's microscopic journey inside rival Dib's body to neutralize Dib's ability to reveal Zim's precense to the world. These are some of the funniest early episodes of the show, and despite the small size they are playable on just about any DVD player. Of course, if you want to get a player dedicated to just 3" Mini-DVDs, then one will be available shortly...a nice "Gameboy"-sized way for kids to enjoy Mini-DVDs whereever they go!

Finally, the fan website "Room With A Moose" is conducting a poll on behalf of Media Blasters, asking if there is interest in the release of a 3" Mini-DVD which would contain the complete, uncut special episode "The Most Horrible X-mas Ever," since the one contained on the Invader Zim - Volume 3: Horrible Holiday Cheer release turned out to be the edited version after all. Be sure to let them know what you think. The poll started yesterday, so there's plenty of time...but don't dawdle, either!

Our heartfelt thanks to readers Frank Soldato and Eric Blackstock for their tips which led to this story...we appreciate it!

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