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Full House - Results of 'Television Favorites' Poll Conducted At Sitcoms Online

Posted by David Lambert
As we told you, had been recently running a poll looking for the fan-favorite episodes from Full House. It seems that Warner is considering the idea of putting out a "TV Favorites" single-disc release to be marketed to those who don't want the ongoing season set releases. So Warner asked Sitcoms Online to help them identify the top ten titles of fans, to use to determine a final list of six titles that would be on a single-DVD release, if it happened.

Well, the polls are closed and the results are in! It seems that the most popular story is the two parts of "The Wedding," the 4th season situation where Becky and Jesse are supposed to finally tie the knot...but Jesse's missing in action! The next most-popular item is the two parts of the series finale, "Michelle Rides Again," in which the youngest falls off a horse and loses her memory. After that is yet another two-parter, "The House Meets The Mouse," the 6th-Season story of the Full House family going to DisneyLand!

Ready for some single-part episodes? Okay, next up is the episode after "The Wedding," called "Fuller House." In it, Jesse is supposed to move out so that he and Becky can live together on their own. After that on the poll results is the 6th Season episode "Silence Is Not Golden," in which Stephanie is keeping a secret that she's not sure she ought to. "Tanner's Island" is next on the list, with a family vacation going very very wrong to kick off the 3rd season. And, last on the list of top ten (because each two-parter counts as "2 episodes" on the list count), we have the 3rd season conclusion with "Our Very First Telethon" (Danny falls asleep hosting a telethon, and the family picks up the slack).

Our thanks to Pavan Badal of Sitcoms Online for letting us know about that bit of news, and others which we'll be back with tomorrow for a different show. Will Warner release the Full House - Television Favorites disc, and if so, when? We don't know yet, but stay tuned!

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