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Highlander: The Series - Exclusive: Season 1 Blu-ray Disc: Date, Front & Rear Box, Extras

4-disc high definition set only available online, and shipping in mid-September

Posted by David Lambert
We first reported last November that, the official online store for Davis Merchandising and Davis-Panzer Productions, was working on a high-def Blu-ray Disc release for Highlander: The Series - Season 1. The release, meant to be sold exclusively online, was originally planned for release this past February. They missed that deadline, though, and by mid-March we had an update that there was hope that they could make it out by ""Late Summer/Early Fall," but that fans should expect it as late as the first couple of months in the new year (2010).

We've got GREAT news for high-def Highlander fans, though! Davis-Panzer has been in touch with us today, with exclusive information that the Season 1 Blu-ray Disc release will ship to pre-order customers on September 15th ("Late Summer" after all; that's terrific!). You may pre-order from if you haven't already. Cost is normally $49.95, but at the time of this writing they are discounting it to $ get it while you can save!

Besides all 22 episodes in high definition, there will also be new bonus material on this collection. Here's a list of those extras, running 220 minutes, that you'll encounter on the final disc of this 4-BD set:
  • MacLeod Memories: Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul Reminisce
      Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul get together and discuss what it's like to be Immortal- from the fun to the romance to the heartbreak to the self discovery and spirituality. They talk acting and how it is to portray someone who learns and makes mistakes over hundreds of years and how the success of Highlander has changed their lives.
  • Video Interviews for Each Episode
      Late producer Bill Panzer gives insights and anecdotes about the making of the first season of Highlander: The Series and the thoughts behind the action. He takes us on a tour of locations around Vancouver B.C. and even spills some inside info on Joan Jett, who had a cameo on Free Fall.
  • Bloopers
      A hilarious collection of goofs and blunders, scenes gone strange, stunts gone wrong and some very fancy dance steps from all your favorite Highlander stars.
  • Swordmaster: Bob Anderson Perspective
      Legendary Swordmaster, Bob Anderson, has choreographed sword fights for Star Wars, Princess Bride, Three Musketeers, The Mask of Zorro, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean and, of course, Highlander. Here, the Olympic fencer delves into the art and science of a truly memorable sword fight and how he came up with some of his brilliant ideas for fight sequences in the Highlander television series.
  • Original Series Promo/Behind-the-Scenes
      Part pilot, part behind-the-scenes peek, this engaging piece introduces the Legend of Highlander and exhibits unique moments among the Highlander cast and crew.
  • 400 Years: Journey of Duncan MacLeod
      One of fans favorite parts of Highlander are the flashbacks. Here we go through the life of Duncan MacLeod as seen through flashbacks used throughout the series. Starting with Duncan as a child wishing he could join his father in battle, we travel to Spain, Japan, the wild west and more.
  • Immortal Memories (Favorite Beheadings)
      It wouldn't be Highlander without beheadings! The cast and crew discuss their favorite Immortal battles and Quickenings as we look back at truly spectacular moments in the series.
  • Marto
      The famed sword-maker of Spain gives a special tour of the facilities in Toledo where all Highlander katanas, broadswords and lethal weapons are forged. Centuries old crafting techniques are on display, but the secret metallurgy formula stays hidden with Marto.
  • Highlander in Paris
      Bill Panzer and Dennis Berry take us around the enchanting city of Paris to see the unforgettable locations where Highlander filmed. From the amazing scenes on the Eiffel tower, to Notre Dame, to The Paris Opera House to how MacLeod's barge became a home away from home and more.
PLUS, iPhone users (and soon, users of other types of Smart Phones) will enjoy this brand-new bonus feature:
  • Blu-Ray LIVE for Your Smart Phone
      In addition to these bonus features on your Blu-ray Disc, we present a unique way to connect with Highlander and take it everywhere you go: Blu-ray LIVE. Blu-ray LIVE allows you to access features from your iPhone, BlackBerry, or other smart phone. Currently only offered through the iPhone, by the end of the summer there will be a deal in place with BlackBerry, PalmPre, etc. Simply put the disc in your computer and your phone will automatically sync. Included is the following:
      1. Interviews with Bill Panzer for each show
      2. Season One Photo Album
      3. Wallpapers
      4. Rock'n'Roll Lounge: Highlander Season One featured several rock stars (Joan Jett, Roger Daltrey, Roland Gift, and Vanity) in guest appearances. Here you can read their bios and learn trivia about them.
      5. Star Bios: Special bios and photos from the stars of Season One, including Christopher Lambert who won the C├ęsar Award in 1986.
      6. A few brand new short videos that are To Be Announced
Below is a look at the packaging, front and rear. The back of the box seems to list some extras not covered in the studio list we've reproduced above, so take a close look at it, too. Keep in mind, though, that the package art could still be subject to change. Our gratitude to Davis-Panzer for working with us to get this information to all of you fans!

Highlander: The Series - Season 1 (Blu-ray)

Highlander: The Series - Season 1 (Blu-ray) rear box art

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