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The Complete 1st Season

Heroes - A list of extras for Season 1

This is one to own on August 28!

Posted by David Lambert
The other day we had the pleasure of reporting on the August 28th release of Heroes - Season 1, which will debut that day on both DVD and HD-DVD. Gord and David both have birthdays near then, and both are huge fans of the show, so the TVShowsOnDVD duo is very happy about the timing of that release!

This morning, Universal leaked out a bit of info about the special features that will be on this release: un-aired pilot, deleted scenes, exclusive behind-the-scenes stuff. Yeah, surprises there. And no real details, either. Surfing around the 'net, we see a few people who say they've seen a press release for this, detailing the extras (such as Shannon Nutt's post over at's forum), but if a press release has been issued by Universal then we certainly can't find it so far.

In the meantime, though, since this is such a hot topic, we've compiled a list of the extras that everyone seems to agree will be be on these sets. Most will be on both DVD and HD-DVD, but some will be exclusive to the HD-DVD version (such as PIP cast commentaries). Here's the list we've compiled:

  • The following bonus material will be on the DVD and on the HD-DVD (the Un-Aired Pilot is in 1080p; all others are in 480p):
    • Audio Commentaries
    • The 73-minute Un-Aired Original Series Premiere/Pilot from show creator Tim Kring (with optional audio commentary)
    • 50 Deleted Scenes
    • Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes:
      • Making Of featurette
      • Special Effects featurette
      • Stunts featurette
      • Tim Sale Profile featurette
      • The Score featurette
  • The following bonus material will be exclusive to the HD-DVD version ("Minder Reader" is in 480p; the other two are 1080p):
    • Minder Reader (Interactive Activity)
    • U-Control - with the following:
      • Artwork Presentation
      • Character Connections
      • Helix Revealed
      • Picture-in-Picture Cast Video Commentaries
      • Genetic Abilities Test
    • Connectivity Features - Download Center including User Registration

    Take it with a grain of salt, until we get Universal's official word on all of this. In the meantime, we see a MAJOR omission on this list, and noone who talks like they know what supplements are on these sets are claiming that it's included. At's official Heroes site, as you probably know, there is a series of online graphic novels (comic books) which "fill in the blanks" on some of the story that didn't get to air on television. For instance (trying to avoid too many spoilers here), during one televised scene where it seemed the bad guy accidently killed a female "hero" before taking her powers for himself, the online comic makes it clear she died by her own hand to prevent him from adding her skills to his arsenal.

    These should be a must-have for the DVDs and the HD-DVDs, but don't seem to be included among the extras. It's possible, we suppose, that the "Download Center" on the HD-DVD might include these, but if that's true then we say "not good enough!" These comics are an integral part of the storyline, as good as any "deleted scene," and it's truly bad if these are missing from being included as a default from both sets. Universal, you got some 'splainin' to do!

    Heroes Season 1 DVD artwork
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