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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Revealed: Details on Interviews for He-Man DVDs, including Season Sets

Posted by David Lambert
Today is the VERY exciting day that will see the very first DVD release in North America of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! In the eight years since DVD was invented, fans who grew up with the show have anxiously awaited this event, and the folks at BCI Eclipse (a Navarre company) have worked extremely hard to deliver something that was well worth the wait! Thanks, BCI, and to each of the folks there!

To mark this occassion, we have a treat for you, courtesy of Andy Mangels, the He-Man Documentary Director for today's best-of release and for all the upcoming releases, including all the season sets and the Christmas Special. Many of you will probably remember Andy's hard work on the extras in the Wonder Woman DVDs, so he's no stranger to bonus DVD features for heroic television programs.

Over at Andy's official website, he takes the time to go over in detail the list of all the interview participants in the two documentaries included on today's release, plus give you about 20 exclusive screen captures from the documentaries, showing all the interview subjects (it's a quick way to see what Lou Scheimer, Paul Dini, J. Michael Straczynski, and the rest look like these days!). You'll also see Andy reveal that he is working on his plans for extras on the Season 1 and Christmas Special DVDs...each of those releases are to get a pair of documentaries that will be at least a half hour in length! 4 more docs already in the works...neat!

Again, head on over to Andy Mangel's site for all the details, plus a look at everything else going on with this man's career. And stay tuned, because Andy and the folks at BCI are promising to keep TVShowsOnDVD readers very much in-the-loop about upcoming plans for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! In fact, look for any news that might come out of Comic-Con this weekend...we'll bring it straight to you as the story breaks!

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