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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - First DVD Release Announced! Episode List, Extras, BOX ART, Press Release, Screen Shots, + Plans For 2nd Release!

Posted by David Lambert
My power sword is drawn, and I'm ready to say the magic words! BCI Eclipse today made the announcement for the first-ever North American DVD release of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. As foretold in BCI's previous press release, the first DVD set is a "10 Best Episode" 2 DVD set from the original 1983 series. The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Best 10 Episode Collector's Edition will arrive in stores on Tuesday, July 12, 2005, and - as orginally planned - will be launched at retail in conjunction with the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con International convention.

As we reported, a poll taken at, the most powerful He-Man fansite in the universe, was used to determine the 10 episodes which would be published on this 2-DVD set. The top 5 episodes from Season 1 and the top 5 from Season 2 were chosen to occupy the digital realm of this release, along with many extras (some of which we hinted at recently). Here are the complete contents of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Best 10 Episode Collector's Edition, counting down the episodes to the most favorite ones from the polls:
  • Disc 1 (Best of Season 1):
    • #5: "Evilseed"
    • #4: "Quest for He-Man"
    • #3: "Prince Adam No More"
    • #2: "Diamond Ray of Disappearance"
    • #1: "Teela's Quest"
  • Disc 2 (Best of Season 2):
    • #5: "Into the Abyss"
    • #4: "Teela's Triumph"
    • #3: "To Save Skeletor"
    • #2: "The Problem with Power"
    • #1: "Origin of the Sorceress"
  • Special Features:
    • Two brand-new documentary featurettes with a variety of talent involved in the making of the original series, including voice-over actors, artists, and those working behind the scenes.
    • Two 4" x 6" exclusive He-Man art cards, by Bruce Timm and Adam Hughes.
      • Timm is an Emmy-award winning animator, responsible for building the modern DC Comics cartoon franchise. He landed his first animation job in 1981 with Filmation where he worked on He-Man.
      • Hughes is a multiple Harvey and Eisner Award winner, and one of the most popular comic book creators working today. He was recently chosen to illustrate Warner Bros. Wonder Woman film poster.
    • Triva and "fun facts" about the creation of He-Man
    • Upcoming releases trailer

    Wow, great stuff just for starters! Keep in mind that those special features are subject to change, but what will NOT change is that the episodes are digitally remastered and restored. We have some actual screen captures for you at the bottom, but first let's take a look at the packaging, and also BCI's formal press release. After that, check out the screen shots we mentioned, and then read on after those for more information about future He-Man releases:

    News Graphic

    April 12, 2005


    Company to Release All 130 Episodes

    Initial Two-Disc, 10-Episode "Best Of" Collector's Edition
    To Premiere, July 12th, and Be Featured at San Diego Comic-Con

    Los Angeles, CA - One of the most requested - and anticipated - animation series ever created is heading to DVD. The recent agreement between BCI Eclipse, a Navarre Corporation Company, and UK media company Entertainment Rights granted BCI the license to distribute all 130 episodes of the classic "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" animated series on DVD. BCI Eclipse is currently working on an initial two-year release strategy, and the first, two-disc set - available July 12th during the week of the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con International convention - will be a special, 10 episode Collector's Edition, and include a groundbreaking number of extra features. The announcement was made today by Greg Glass, Senior Vice President, BCI Eclipse.

    "As studios and independent suppliers release television programming on DVD, one of the most requested shows for DVD release over the years has been the original 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe,'" said Glass. "We have not only acquired the rights to this classic '80s, iconic animation series, but have spent many hours interviewing virtually all of the key players in the creation and production of the series. The initial Collector's Edition is just the beginning of what 'He-Man' fans will see over the course of the next 18 months."

    Mike Heap, CEO, Entertainment Rights, added, "We had the opportunity to work with a number of partners for 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' and decided to partner with BCI because of their innovative marketing approach to He-Man. The extraordinary level of demand for this release underlines the level of affection the public holds for He-Man and its position in the market as a classic brand."

    "The Best of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" will feature five of the all-time best episodes from season one (disc one) and five of the all-time best episodes from season two (disc two). The "best of" episodes were chosen in part by "He-Man's" multitude of fans through voting on the website. In addition, each disc in the Collector's Edition will feature documentary interviews with a variety of talent involved with the original series, including Emmy-award winning writers, directors, artists, and others working behind the scenes. These first two documentaries, produced and directed by best-selling entertainment writer Andy Mangels, are the beginning of a 16-part documentary series produced by BCI Eclipse for release in future "season" box sets.

    The two-disc set will also include two 4" x 6" He-Man art cards, which will feature one-of-a-kind renderings of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe characters drawn by two of the world's most famous comic book artists. These first two cards will be part of a collector series of 16 cards released throughout the "season" box set series - each displaying the work of another world-famous comic book artist.

    The Collector's Edition will include two exclusive art cards by Bruce Timm and Adam Hughes. Timm is one of the world's finest animators, well known for his contributions building the modern DC Comics cartoon franchise. Timm landed his first animation job in 1981 with Filmation Studios where he worked on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, She-Ra Princess of Power and a variety of others. He also illustrated a number of the mini-comics that came with the toys from Mattel, before going on to an Emmy-award winning career on shows such as Batman, Batman Beyond, Superman, Justice League and Teen Titans. Hughes is one of the greatest artistic contributors in the field of comics today, and has won multiple Harvey and Eisner Awards in the comic book industry. Primarily known as a 'good girl' artist, his credits include Justice League, Wonder Woman, Star Trek, Tomb Raider and Gen 13, as well as countless covers and pin-ups for just about every comic company. Hughes was recently chosen to illustrate Warner Bros. Wonder Woman film poster.

    Beginning this fall, BCI Eclipse will begin releasing the complete, 130 episode series in multi-disc "season" box sets, each including an abundance of extras that, altogether, will make up the most comprehensive collection of extras ever produced for a classic animation DVD series. Consulting with BCI on the project and providing extra content is Val Staples, the owner of, the internet's largest portal for the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fan community, the owner of MVCreations graphic design company, and the publisher of the recent Masters of the Universe comic. Producing the special features documentaries and most of the extra content is entertainment writer Andy Mangels, a best-selling novelist, and author of Animation on DVD - The Ultimate Guide.

    "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" is a landmark in children's television history, being the first nationally syndicated television program based on a successful toy line. Originally produced from 1983-1985 by world renowned Filmation Studios and syndicated until 1990, the show has experienced consistent popularity over the years, demonstrated by its two subsequent animated series which from 1990-1991 and from 2002-2004. The series has also experienced an exceptional multi-year run as a successful toy and merchandising line for Mattel.

    BCI Eclipse is a leading independent entertainment video and audio supplier. Since 1988, BCI has continually redefined the standards and concepts of this industry, often introducing national success categories through its intuitive mass marketing skills.

    Its vast collection of titles represents both exclusively licensed titles from around the world, as well as in-house produced CDs and DVDs. BCI offers a wide variety of the best value-priced CDs and DVDs being sold. For over 15 years, BCI Eclipse has brought the finest music and movies to homes at a value price.

    About Entertainment Rights

  • Entertainment Rights Plc ("ER") is one of the UK's leading specialist media groups focused on the ownership of high quality children's and family programming, characters and brands.
  • ER owns or controls the rights to many classic characters including Basil Brush, Postman Pat, Little Red Tractor, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Fat Albert and the Cosby kids, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, Zorro and The Lone Ranger.
    • Since 1999, when ER owned rights to just 50 hours of programming, ER's library has grown to over 1,800 hours of high quality children's and family characters and brands. This includes selected rights to global brands such as Mattel's Barbie, Scholastic's Clifford, Hasbro's Transformers, Harveytoons Casper the Friendly Ghost and Classic Media's Felix the Cat.
    • In September 2004 ER acquired Tell-Tale Productions, creators and producers of The Tweenies and added a significant development and production slate to the ER portfolio including Fun Song Factory, BB3B and Boo!
    • ER has grown rapidly. Annual revenues have increased from £1.8m in 1999 to £29.5m in 2003, the last reported financial year.
    • ER is ideally placed to extend and exploit its portfolio of quality programming with its own television distribution, licensing division, and an established home entertainment label, Right Entertainment.

    News Graphic

    If you're not excited yet (and shame on you if you're not!), then you'll be excited in the Fall 2005 when BCI releases He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Season 1, Part 1. It will be 33 episodes on a 6 DVD set with a bonus disc. The bonus disc will be so full of extras, you'll think you're dreaming:
    • "The Making of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe": Season 1 documentary featurette with interviews with the producers, writers, directors, actors, and experts.
    • Additional one-of-a-kind renderings by some of the world's most famous comic book artists.
    • Character bios & artwork
    • Complete storyboards from selected episodes
    • Gallery of original animation cells and never-before-seen character sketches
    • Much, much more!

    Remember, that last list is from the Fall 2005 release of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Season 1, Part 1. Some of you will be waiting on the season set releases, and we understand that. But don't neglect the July release of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Best 10 Episode Collector's's got extras you will want to collect, and it will certainly tide you over while waiting for the big set. I know I can't wait!

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