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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Answers for '30th Anniversary' DVD Questions ('Why Only 20?' 'Where's She-Ra?' etc.)

Still no specific release date, but Mill Creek expects this to be at stores in December

Posted by David Lambert
A few weeks ago we brought you Mill Creek Entertainment's press release announcing "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 30th Anniversary Commemorative Collection," a 22-DVD set representing He-Man television shows from 1983, 1990 and 2002. Since then we've had certain questions from fans pop up over and over again.

Chief among those questions is "what is the exact street date for this title?" The answer is that Mill Creek hasn't finalized that yet; they are working that out with the people they've licensed this material from, and hope to announce it soon. Right now the intent - as mentioned in the press release - is to put this title in stores this December. Amazon and other sellers aren't accepting pre-orders yet, presumably until that street date is available. Stay tuned, of course, and we'll bring you the finalized street date just as soon as we can!

Other questions include "what about the cross-overs with She-Ra, like Secret of the Sword and the Christmas Special?" And "why only 20 'best' episodes from the 1990 show, rather than the entire run of 65 episodes?" And "why don't they put this out on high-def Blu-ray Disc format, too?" We've asked our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment for answers to these and other questions, and they've kindly put together and sent us a Q&A sheet, quoted immediately below, for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) concerning this title. We hope this helps clear things up! Take a look:
  • Q: Why are there not any She-Ra episodes included in this set in addition to both includes both "The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special" and "The Secret of the Sword"?
    • A: Mill Creek Entertainment does not possess the DVD/Home Video license for the TV series and features that comprise the She-Ra franchise. She-Ra already had a complete series release from Classic Media who owns the property and has retained the home video rights.

  • Q: Why are only 20 episodes of the New Adventures of He-Man series included?
    • A: In determining whether or not to include any episodes of New Adventures of He-Man in our 30th Anniversary DVD Collection, we discussed this point with a variety of consultants from the MOTU fan community and the consensus was to give a sampling of the series. Due to the additional expense that would be incurred by including the entire series, it was unanimously decided upon that there wasn't enough added value in having all 65 episodes versus a carefully selected assortment of 20 which we've added to this collection.

  • Q: Will the CD soundtrack be available at retail for purchase separately?
    • A: No, the CD included in the 30th Anniversary set is exclusively available in this collection as a promotional item. It will not be made available for sale by Mill Creek Entertainment.

  • Q: Will any of the He-Man series be available on Blu-ray?
    • A: Unfortunately, no. We have exhaustively explored this option, but there are no HD elements available for any of the series. The only possibility would be to up-convert the Standard Definition elements, but the end result would not be true, 1080p High-Definition quality.

  • Q: On the Filmation He-Man series, will there be a viewing option to listen only to the music?
    • A: Unfortunately, when Hallmark did the restoration of the PAL masters in the early 2000s, they permanently mixed the music, effects and dialogue audio tracks which does not allow for them to be separated.

  • Q: What is the Castle Grayskull facade on the front of the packaging?
    • A: The new interpretation of Castle Grayskull was designed by Nathan Baertsch which is a hybrid of the three styles of the castle across the three series. This sculpted piece will emerge from a die-cut box cover and will be made of molded, hard plastic.

  • Q: Where will this collection be sold?
    • A: US and Canada only - the discs will all be encoded for Region 1 (North America)
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 30th Anniversary Commemorative Collection

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