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The Greatest American Hero - General Retail Release for Mill Creek's Season 2 DVD Set

4-disc collection is available everywhere - believe it or not! - on October 12th

Posted by David Lambert
    This critically acclaimed series, which is a perfect blend of superhero action and sharp-witted comedy, centers on a normal high school teacher with a super-powered pajama suit he doesn’t know how to operate! With the help of his friends and through some trial and error, his mission is to travel around the world to fight crime and save the day!

    Created by legendary writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell, this complete second season collection includes all 22 acclaimed episodes from this multi-Emmy-nominated series which co-stars Michael Pare and Faye Grant. STARRING: WILLIAM KATT, CONNIE SELLECCA, ROBERT CULP, MICHAEL PARE, FAYE GRANT, and many more!

    The adventure continues as reluctant crime fighter, Ralph Hinkley (William Katt), seeks out calamities and injustices in this high-flying sci-fi/action/comedy series. With the aid of his power suit, Ralph is equipped with variety of unearthly powers including super strength, resistance to injury, invisibility, telekinesis, and x-ray vision. However, Ralph's crime-fighting skills are only as good as his ability to control the super human abilities granted by the alien-gifted supernatural cape.

    Helping Ralph in the fight against crime are his beautiful girlfriend Pam (Connie Sellecca) and the overly enthusiastic FBI agent, Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp), whose outrageous plans usually mean trouble. This 4 DVD collection includes all 22 season two episodes and features such guest stars as Markie Post, Joe Mantegna, Barbara Hale, Keenan Wynn, Dixie Carter, Don Drysdale and more!
Mill Creek Entertainment has announced that their re-release of The Greatest American Hero - Season 2 will get a general retail release on October 12th. The title was originally released by Anchor Bay in 2005, but that version was discontinued. Mill Creek's version has been seen in a limited release pattern for several months, but will soon "go wide" and be available to any retailers who wish to participate. Cost is just $14.98 SRP for a 4-DVD set with 22 episodes. Here's a look at the cover art:

The Greatest American Hero - Season 2 (Mill Creek)
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