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Glee - SCOOP! Street Date, Right Pricing, Specs, Contents and Tweaked Title for 'Road to the Sectionals'

4-DVD set is due out JUST before the end of the year

Posted by David Lambert
While you're getting ready to Glee-fully watch the sixth episode ("Vitamin D") on TV tonight, we've got the scoop for you with details and packaging for the upcoming 4-DVD set, full of the first 13 episodes of Fox's hot new series!

Back on September 14th we reported that Amazon was taking advance orders (see button link below) for the first multi-disc release of Glee on DVD. At the time it was subtitled "Volume 1: Road to the Sectionals," but in that report we told you that Amazon's listing said that 13 episodes would be included, and that 13 episodes were all that the Fox Network had signed up for to broadcast in the first season.

Since then, though, things have changed. Just a week after we posted that story, our "big sister site" reported that Fox Network had given the show a "full season pickup" based on the strength of the first three episodes' ratings. They added 9 more episodes to the first seasons' count, bringing the total number to 22.

The home video division of the company, though, has decided not to change their DVD plans. Fox Home Entertainment has today informed retailers that the release will now be titled Glee - Season 1, Volume 1: Road to the Sectionals. They backed that up with package art (seen at bottom), and filled in the blanks with a release date, correct pricing information, and additional details.

The 4-disc set will street on December 29th, timed to take advantage of the post-Christmas traffic (as people come in to use gift cards, look for bargains and return or exchange unwanted items) and to let fans catch up on the story arc of the first 13 episodes before the remaining nine begin to air. Cost in Amazon's early listing is currently incorrect; Fox informs that the right price in the USA is $39.98 SRP (the Canadian list price is CA$49.98 SRP, so that is possibly why Amazon shows the wrong amount...expect it to be corrected soon, and pre-orders already placed will be adjusted to the better price). That may still seem pricey for 13 episodes, but don't forget that the show has MASSIVE music rights that need to be paid for to release it on DVD intact.

Video will be presented in anamorphic widescreen. Audio is planned to be in English 5.1 Surround, with English subtitling and closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Running time is 580 minutes. Episodes included are "Pilot - Director's Cut," "Showmance," "Acafellas," "Preggers," "The Rhodes not Taken," "Vitamin D," "Takedown!," "Mash-Up," "Wheels," "Ballads," "Hairography," "Mattress" and "Sectionals." Special features (bonus material) will be included, but Fox Home Video has not provided retailers with the details of these just yet. Stay tuned for that!

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