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Gimme a Break! - A Fan Inquiry to Us on Facebook Leads to Some VERY Interesting New Information!

VEI tells us why the Season 3 set never happened...and what they plan to release instead!

Posted by David Lambert
Have you been hanging out at our Facebook fan page? Close to 3,200 fans have signed up over there, including longtime reader Jarrod McKinney. Last night Jarrod posted a question on our "wall" over there, reminding us that it's been just a bit over a year since we passed along info from VEI of Canada about a Season 3 release of Gimme a Break!.

According to what we were told at the time, VEI had decided to go ahead and release that season of Gimme a Break!, but only in Canada, as they don't have USA rights (but the set, if imported to the States, would of course work on any standard DVD player since it's all "Region 1"). The plan was to put it out "some time in 2009"...probably in the first half of the year. Nothing was set in stone, truly, but they sounded fairly confident it would see the light of day.

That obviously didn't happen in the first part of the year, though, and with the end of the calendar year fast approaching we've still had no word about the remaining seasons of the show (there were 6 seasons in all). So we promised Jarrod we would get in touch with VEI, and ask them what the current situation is. We kept that promise, too...and our contact at VEI was very kind to respond as quickly as possible. And what a fascinating response it turned out to be!

The studio told us this: "We have decided to forego releasing GMAB! season by season and instead release all 6 seasons in one set. That being said, there is no release date scheduled for this complete series collection" They did indicate, however, that it would not be an immediate release (presumably they're still working on it). In fact, these plans for Gimme a Break! - The Complete Series seem like they must be for no sooner than the middle of 2010, as our contact informs us that they won't make a decision to finalize the street date until sometime this coming spring.

So it's still a way off, but right now VEI's plans are to bring out all six seasons of the classic Nell Carter sitcom, as one big collection. Our thanks to the studio for their candid response about the direction they've decided to take, and to Jarrod for bringing the question up over at our Facebook fan page. If you haven't already, come join the almost-3200 fans and friends we have over there. If you like to tweet , then come join us on Twitter as well, where we have almost 3700 followers so far. We pass along links to the latest news and reviews at both social media sites, but we also try to do unique things at each place as well. For example, later today at Twitter we'll post our weekly "Follow Friday" tweet, where we point you toward the Twitter accounts of TV-related celebrities, so you can follow them if you want to and see what they have to say about their current projects. At Facebook we have our "What's the Hold-up?" FAQ over on the Notes tab of our page, explaining why certain popular TV shows aren't getting new DVD releases too soon. Come visit us at both places, as well as here on the main site with it's own unique content, so you can keep fully informed!

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