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Gilligan's Island - Two Major Questions Answered!

Posted by David Lambert
After posting yesterday about Gilligan's Island - Season 1, we've had no shortage of questions about these DVDs. Well, no shortage of e-mails about two questions in particular:

1) Will the first season be in the originally broadcast black-and-white, or will it be colorized?

Black-and-white! Warner understands that fans of the show want to see it as originally presented, and will not alter the way it was shot. For more casual fans: the first season (36 half-hour episodes) were shot in black-and-white, and had the opening theme that ended with "...and the rest." At the start of Season 2 they switched to color, and re-shot the opening credits to end with "The Professor and Mary Ann." Everything about Season 1 should be as it was orginally shown in 1964 on CBS.

2) Will the "Lost Pilot" be included on this set?

Probably, though there are no guarantees yet. The unaired pilot episode, which has been available on VHS in the past, featured different actors for The Professor, Ginger, and "Bunny" (who became Mary Ann after the show was revamped into the form that was broadcast). It is known that this item has been remastered in the recent past, and it's reasonable to expect this as an extra.

Besides, Warner assures us that fans will be very happy with this release. Stay tuned for a few months until they are ready for the official announcement, and we'll be there with all the details. In the meantime, just sit right back...

{NOTE: There have been several after-series reunion telefilms for Gilligan's Island. At least one of them, Rescue From Gilligan's Island, is available on DVD for quite some time now. We've frankly been neglectful about listing this at the site, despite the fact that our own David Lambert owns a copy of it (he doesn't think it's bad at all for the price, though it's definately not the sharpest disc in the carousel). In the next few days, we will play catch-up and be adding that release information, and any others for the post-series telefilms that we can dig up. Please don't think this is the Season 1 release...that's still a while away. But these may be of interest, to tide you over while you wait.}

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