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The Genius of Charles Darwin (mini-series) - U.K. Documentary with Bonus DVD is Coming to North America

Expect an early November release from Athena/Acorn

Posted by David Lambert
    Dynamic look at the life, work, and legacy of Charles Darwin" - The Sunday Times (U.K.).

    Published 150 years ago, Charles Darwin's
    On the Origin of Species changed everything-science, religion, and even humanity's image of itself. Join Professor Richard Dawkins as he explains exactly how Darwin developed his revolutionary theory of evolution and why it's still relevant today.

    How do species evolve? What does "natural selection" mean in biology, politics, sociology, and philosophy? With passionate certainty, Dawkins provides answers, positing evolution as a matter of fact, not faith. In addition to interviewing scientific experts such as geneticist Craig Venter and paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey, Dawkins speaks with Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and other religious leaders about the existence of a Creator. Provocative, informative, and irresistibly watchable, this award-winning documentary offers lively new insights on an idea that still meets stubborn resistance.

    Evolutionary biologist and fellow of the Royal Society, Richard Dawkins has served as professor of public understanding of science at Oxford University. He has written dozens of scholarly and popular works, including the controversial best seller
    The God Delusion.

    Winner, Best Documentary Series (British Broadcast Awards, 2009)
Acorn Media, under their Athena lineup, presents the North American DVD release of the U.K. mini-series The Genius of Charlies Darwin. This 2-disc set contains all 3 episodes of the documentary, running 139 minutes. These are presented in widescreen video, with English stereo sound and English subtitles. Enclosed is a16-page viewer's guide which includes highlights, questions to consider, avenues for further learning, Evolution's Biggest Losers, Milestones in the Evolution-Creationism Controversy, Evolution's Dark Side, and more. Additionally, there are over four and a half hours of bonus materials on the discs. The package costs $49.99 SRP in the USA and CA$64.99 SRP in Canada. The title is available starting November 3rd. Here's a breakdown of the contents, followed by cover art:
  • Disc 1:
    • Episode 1: Life, Darwin & Everything
        Who was Charles Darwin, and how did he conceive his revolutionary idea? How does evolution work? Most important, why does it matter? Darwin's treatise, On the Origin of Species, represented the culmination of years of research and thought. And the evidence confirming natural selection has continued to mount.
    • Episode 2: The Fifth Ape
        As a product of natural selection, the human species has nevertheless managed to transcend the evolutionary process by developing altruism. Dawkins explores the social and political implications of evolution-and how some proponents have misused science to promote genocide, eugenics, and ethnic cleansing.
    • Episode 3: God Strikes Back
        Despite overwhelming evidence, many religious fundamentalists around the world refuse to accept evolution. Face to face, Dawkins takes on those who would deny or attack Darwin's idea. Finally, Dawkins explains how people might find consolation in the idea of a world ruled by brutal natural forces rather than a benign Creator.
    • Bonus Features:
      • 3 Tales from the Gal├ípagos Islands (26 min.)
      • The Evolution of an Idea: contributors to Darwin's theory
      • Biography of Charles Darwin

  • Disc 2 - Bonus disc containing four hours of interviews with experts featured in the program:
    • Daniel Dennet, philosopher (50 min.)
    • Randy Nesse, doctor/author (46 min.)
    • Wendy Wright, Concerned Women for America (67 min.)
    • Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury (29 min.)
    • John Mackay, creationist (19 min.)
    • Science teachers (29 min.)
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      The Genius of Charlies Darwin

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The Genius of Charles Darwin (mini-series)

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