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Top Gear - Official Announcement, with Date, Contents, Box Art and More, for 11th and 12th Seasons

Both multi-disc DVD sets race to the finish line in mid-January

Posted by David Lambert
    Top Gear is the UK's premier motoring show. Consistently BBC TWO's most-watched program, it attracts audiences of nearly four million each week. It could be said to be ultimate boys' club, but also one that through its tone and style is accessible to everyone - 40% of viewers are female.

    Irreverent, witty and unbiasedly honest, the Top Gear team, led by Jeremy Clarkson, take cars to the limit and beyond to find out if they're any good or not. Full of stunts, challenges and special features, Top Gear is self-deprecating, inclusive and passionate...there no boring stats and impenetrable conversations about camshafts and tire pressures. Instead you get authoritative information, entertainment and style.
A few weeks ago we passed along the word from BBC Video America's blog that they, along with distributor Warner Home Video, would soon be releasing Top Gear - The Complete Season 11 on DVD, and - on the same day! - Top Gear - The Complete Season 12 as well. Both would be the extended U.K. episode cuts, plus 12 would also have several bonus features. Now BBC/Warner has formally announced the title, and the street date is January 12th.

Top Gear - The Complete Season 11 will be a 2-DVD set running approx. 360 minutes, costing $29.98 SRP. Video is widescreen, and audio is English Stereo, with English subtitles as well. The BBC notes that "this season's highlights include a car chase in presenter-chosen old bangers for traffic cops, a race in the French Alps against extreme skiers, a race across Japan (a Nissan car versus public transport), a cross-country fox hunt (with Jeremy as the prey), and a Brits versus German Top Gear challenge." You can watch an online trailer for Season 11, and you'll find the package art down below.

Top Gear - The Complete Season 12 will be a 4-DVD set running approx. 500 minutes, costing $39.98 SRP. Specs are the same, with video in widescreen and audio in English Stereo, and also with English subtitles. Bonus material consists of Commentary (by Exec Producer Andy Wilman and Crew) for both the Vietnam Special and the Botswana Special, Deleted Scenes, Photo Galleries, and a Director's Cut of the Botswana Special. Be sure to see the Season 12 online trailer real quick, and the packaging picture is found at the bottom.

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Top Gear - The Complete Season 11
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Top Gear - The Complete Season 12
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