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Game of Thrones - About that 'Street Date' for DVDs and Blu-rays That You MAY Have Seen Around...'s NOT a date for 'The Complete 1st Season', but rather just a sampler disc

Posted by David Lambert
We told you back in June that Amazon pre-order entires had been listed at the big e-tailer for Game of Thrones - The Complete 1st Season on both DVD and high-def Blu-ray Disc formats. HBO Video hadn't formally announced the title at the time, however, so a release date wasn't available. And it still isn't, although there's some confusion running around which is making some people believe that a date's been set. We just want to clear that up briefly.

Overnight word began to get around that a DVD and Blu-ray release for Game of Thrones will be available on January 10th, and with all the excitement and love for this hot series, people believe that this is the first season set. However, it's not, although the date and formats are correct. What this actually will be is a single-episode "sampler" disc, such as HBO has created many times over the years for various of its programs (examples that come to mind include Rome, Entourage and Boardwalk Empire). These "1ยข giveaway" items are usually an exclusive to one retail chain or another, although we don't know if that's the case with this new one for Game of Thrones. And while we used to mention this type of promotional item in the past, most of our readers have preferred that we don't, so we stopped covering these some time ago. We're bringing up this one, however, just to clear up any public misconceptions about that January date being for the first season set.

Our thanks to the various readers who took time out of their morning to try to fill us in on what they were certain was important news! We regret we don't have the actual release date yet for Game of Thrones - The Complete 1st Season, but keep with us and of course we'll get that to you as soon as we can. If we were to GUESS (and that's all we're doing: guessing) when that will be in stores, we would say "mid to late March or early April," just ahead of the broadcast premiere of the show's second season. Which means the formal studio announcement with the specific street date probably won't be made until late this year or early in the next. Stay tuned!

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