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G.I. Joe - Shout! Verifies the 1990 DiC Show's DVD Release Includes 'Operation Dragonfire'

Includes other new info, such as package art and possible extras, for the upcoming January title

Posted by David Lambert
    Got To Get Tough! Yo Joe! The incredible adventures of General Hawk, Sgt. Slaughter and their international team of heroes - known as G.I. JOE - continue! Together, they defend the globe against Cobra, a ruthless organization led by Serpentor and the recently rejuvenated Cobra Commander, who are both determined to conquer the world by any means necessary.

    In 1989, a popular second G.I. JOE animated series was created, and helped revive the franchise by introducing fans to new G.I. JOEs and Cobra troops alike! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ON DVD FOR THIS SERIES!!!! This 4-DVD set includes all 24 episodes of Season 1, including the 5-part fan favorite mini-series "Operation Dragonfire," which aired in 1989 (the series followed in 1990 and ran 2 seasons in syndication). Fans have been demanding this series on DVD, and will be thrilled to own it! Bonus features include original Hasbro toy commercials.
Last week we were pleased to bring you word that G.I. Joe - Series 2, Season 1 (the DiC-produced animated program that aired starting in 1990, a few years after the original Sunbow-produced show went off the air) is coming to DVD on January 10th. Now the studio putting this out, Shout! Factory, has let retailers know that this 4-disc set definitely includes the 5-part mini-series which launched the show, 1989's Operation Dragonfire.

Fans weren't certain of this, because a report last April showed that Shout! also intends to release Operation Dragonfire separately at some point. That's probably still coming...but it's likely aimed as a low-cost release for impulse buyers, instead of the more passionate "collector"-type fans. The latter type of person will be thrilled to know that it's included with the G.I. Joe - Series 2, Season 1 DVDs. Shout! Factory's description to retailers, quoted at the top, mentions a possibility that extras will include some of Hasbro's original toy ads for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Our understanding is that this info about bonus material isn't necessarily final, though, and could be subject to change. Stay tuned, however, because the studio says they hope to have the official press release to us in the not-too-distant future! In the meantime, here's the packaging:

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G.I. Joe - Series 2, Season 1

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