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G.I. Joe - DVDs for the DiC-Produced '90s Series, Including 'Operation Dragonfire'?

A Shout! Factory ad seen in a comic at JoeCon 2011 says we should expect it!

Posted by David Lambert
The original '80s G.I. Joe animated series was produced by Sunbow (the folks behind other '80s classics such as Jem and the original Transformers), and is completely available on DVD. It started with a pair of mini-series productions in 1983 ("The M.A.S.S. Device") and 1984 ("The Revenge of Cobra"), continued with two regular seasons that aired in 1985 and 1986, and was capped off in 1987 with the direct-to-video release of G.I. Joe: The Movie. For a number of fans, the classic series ended there. For many other fans, however, things picked up again a couple of years later!

In 1989, DiC (which was later bought by Cookie Jar Entertainment) produced a new 5 part mini-series titled G.I. Joe - Operation Dragonfire, then continued in 1990 and 1991 with 39 additional episodes spread out over two seasons. This DiC version, sometimes referred as "the '90s Joe," has been the subject of intense debate as to whether it's a continuation of the Sunbow stories or not, with each side making some fairly convincing arguments at times. Either way, though, it's clear that these episodes have fans, who want to see it come out on DVD.

Yesterday (March 31st) saw the start of JoeCon 2011, being held in Florida at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort. The G.I. Joe fan site is, of course, passing along all sorts of information from the event (both from site staff members and from site users who speak up in the member forums). One news report from yesterday afternoon on the Hisstank front page passes along information posted on the message boards by user "GI Joe Eternal." There Mr. Eternal says this:
    DIC Episodes to DVD

    I'm in Orlando looking through the convention comic. In the back, there's an advertisement that says:

    GI JOE (DIC)
    GI JOE - Operation Dragonfire
    M.A.S.K. - The Complete Series
    Beast Wars Transformers - The Complete Series
    The Transformers - More Than Meets the Eye - Complete Series
Note that the user later attached a picture of the ad, primarily about Shout! Factory's DVD releases of the Sunbow-produced Joe, to his post at the Hisstank forums. It's already known that Shout! is preparing DVD releases of MASK, Beast Wars and a new "unlimited" package for the original Transformers. Is Shout! also producing DVDs of the DiC-produced Joe? We'll let the evidence speak for itself. Our thanks to the MANY readers who emailed us since yesterday evening about this. Stay tuned and we'll pass along any significant further developments.

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