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G.I. Joe - General Retail Release Date, Price for Limited Edition Complete Collector's Footlocker Set

Fully-loaded collectible package at retail in November, but only in limited quantities

Posted by David Lambert
Since just around the time of the annual San Diego Comic Con this past July, fans have been able to purchase the G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero: Complete Collector's Set "footlocker" package as an online exclusive from Shout! Factory. All along, Shout! has said that the title would be available at retail eventually, and today we've got the scoop on when that will be in stores. The general retail release will be on November 10th.

This general release through normal retail channels will only be available IN LIMITED QUANTITY, according to Shout! Factory. The cost of $179.99 is a bit higher than the direct-sale/Comic Con pricing, but it will be identical and come complete with all the same contents: 17 DVDs with 95 episodes, extensive on-disc bonus material (including many "Knowing is Half the Battle" PSAs, a voice cast reunion, retro toy commercials from Hasbro, and much more), a collectible book, and a 1GB "Dogtag-style" (complete with chain) USB flash drive containing G.I. Joe Silent Comics.

The main "Sunbow" G.I. Joe item not included in this set already (no matter how you purchase it) is the 1987 animated theatrical film "G.I. Joe: The Movie." Shout! Factory is working on a brand-new 2010 DVD release of that production (the release date, details and pricing of that title aren't available yet, as it's still very much a work in progress). The footlocker set includes an empty place for that Movie disc to go into later on, though, once the studio puts it on the market. So you'll be able to keep your Joe on the go, all in one big package!

Just to repeat: the general in-store retail release of the limited-edition footlocker G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero: Complete Collector's Set is going to be on November 10th, at $179.99 SRP. Some clever fans may have the wrong info, though, because for the past couple of months doing a search at for the UPC barcode number of this release (826663114379) turns up a pre-order listing for something currently titled "Ward's Wild Ride." This is actually a "stealth listing" that was added in advance to act as a placeholder for the retail release of this title, which (due to contractual obligations) Shout! couldn't make public until now. So the listing has a bit of misdirection in it: the "wild" title (obviously named in honor of Brian Ward, the Shout! DVD producer behind all of their G.I. Joe and Transformers releases), a release date that's a bit off (it currently shows 11/17, rather than 11/10) and even a list price that's off a tad (but only by 99 cents). Shout! informs us that they hope to have all of that updated today...perhaps on Monday at the very latest.

But we're assured that fans can go ahead and begin placing pre-orders at that listing right now, and they will lock in their copy of the set. And that seems like a great idea, considering that this is only going to be in limited quantities! Our thanks to our friends at Shout! Factory for filling us in on all of this, so we can pass it on to each of you.

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