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Back to the Future - Rumors That BTTF: The Animated Series May Be Back On The DVD Schedule

Rumors 2 Years Ago Didn't Pan Out...Will These?

Posted by David Lambert
It's been almost 2 years and a month since we posted a story saying how Universal Studios was leaving clues about possible plans for a DVD release of the animated Back to the Future television series. The cartoon took place after the movie trilogy ended, with Doc & Clara Brown's two young boys - Jules and Verne - providing a new kid-related focus for adventures with Marty McFly and a rebuilt DeLorean. With apparent plans also in the works that year for a 20th Anniversary DVD release of the original film (or perhaps it was to be all the films), it made sense at the time that the cartoon would also see DVD release. The biggest clue was registration of a URL by the studio called ""

That URL never went away, but never did more than re-direct you to Universal's general consumer website...which is still what it does for you today. Any new special release of the films for DVD must have gotten shelved, because they never showed up...and neither did DVDs of the animated show, much to our disappointment.

Now we have new gossip coming our way that the cartoon series is back on Universal's radar. It's certainly in the rumor category at this stage, and we don't really have enough info about it that we would normally be talking about it. Except that the info we got comes from a REALLY excellent source, which needs to remain anonymous because they are not authorized to speak to us about this item. But, if the information is correct AND the studio keeps the schedule as it currently stands, we could have DVDs of Back the the Future - The Animated Series within less than six months.

Nothing's firm yet, though, so keep this as a big "maybe" for now. And stay tuned, because we're keeping an eye on it. Hopefully we'll have more for you soon!

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